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My Holy Grail!! EA with NO LOSSES! - page 4

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Roger Medcalf  

You have to consider the worst case scenario


If you buy 1 and it hits your "stop" then you short 2 which then hits your stop forcing you to go long 4, repeat over and over 8, 16, 32, 64, 128....this method is dangerous unless you have an account big enough to do about 20 doublings. Although 20 losers in a row is a small chance, it can still happen.

Also the logic you missed is that by doubling in opposite direction you ARE CLOSING the previous trade and incurring comissions.

Verdict: You can use if if you have margin enough for 30 doublings and even then still take the risk of wiping out when 31 losers in a row.

This is not a new idea, it is called Martingale method of gambling and is defined thus "a gambling system of continually doubling the stakes in the hope of an eventual win that must yield a net profit."



how can we just let this expert open a trade without any indicator . just to open a trade at once .


Fernando Carreiro
Fernando Carreiro  
AlbertGA: how can we just let this expert open a trade without any indicator. just to open a trade at once.
  1. No Expert Advisor was supplied by the OP, so to what "Expert" are you referring?
  2. If you are referring to the link by a user "BlueSkyThinking" for his "Lilith goes to Hollywood" EA, then please post on that page and not here, so that the author can answer you (if he is still around).
  3. If you are referring to your own "Expert" which you are coding, then please don't hijack an unrelated thread and instead start you own thread and state your issue in a detailed manner.
  4. This is a very old thread (6 years). I doubt you will get any real answers.
Samuel Achenbach
Samuel Achenbach  

you just write the same type EA as me ! Only diffrence, i call your Ping Pong zone "Black Hole" :)

I have test a lot of thing to filter entry trade to avoid black hole...but nothing. You avoid one to fall in another.

I'm trying to manage them from inside, taking profit from win trade... Black Hole could disappear for 1 or 2 years on some good parameters but still appear one day !

Hi, I have an entry idea. If two bear candles are followed by two bull candles, then the EA should open buy position on 1h and up timeframes. This is a pretty good swing indicator. Can you help me create this same EA that opens new trade based on previous one, if loss trade then open new trade in opposite direction and if winning trade then open in same direction?
SamuelAch Can you help me create this same ...
  1. Don't resurrect old threads unless you have a good reason.
  2. Don't hijack other threads with an off topic post, open your own.
  3. Help you with what? You haven't stated a problem.
    You have only four choices:
    We're not going to code it for you (although it could happen if you are lucky or the problem is interesting.) We are willing to help you when you post your attempt (using SRC) and the nature of your problem. No free help
    urgent help.

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