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whroeder1 2011.06.01 17:18  


What I'm trying to do is open 100 symbols for 5 seconds(1 at a time), if a chart interests me I click/push button and it leaves it open and moves onto the next one. If I dont click/push a button then it closes the window.

Buttons & Textfields on mt4 chart possible now - MQL4 forum
Pavel Soukup
Pavel Soukup 2014.02.09 09:35  

Hi guys,

how to switch between 2 chart when I know their handle?

I test it:

#import "user32.dll"
   bool ShowWindow(int hWnd, int nCmdShow);

//| Script program start function                                    |
void OnStart()
     ShowWindow(66788, 9);  // 9 SW_SHOWNORMAL; 66788 is handle on my window pc
MirTD 2014.12.10 06:42  

Excellent script!!! been looking for this a while!!..thnx all contributors...

have to pick up an old thread as its all time useful :D

/ /12
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