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Metatrader tick sender tool for developers

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Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2009.10.29 22:37 

Hi mql community,

i want to introduce new tool for mt4 developers; its similar to a tool which already exists but i have added more features like detecting multiple terminals and select per terminal. Detecting security problems etc.

Here Quote from website:


Tool : MetaTrader Tick Sender

This tool is designed exclusivly for MetaTrader4 for development reasons. Expert Advisors for MT4 are working per tick. This means that strategies can only be developed or tested during market hours. You may want to develop or debug your EA at weekend and will not have any ticks. This little tool helps you to solve this problem."

In case someone has interest its completly free under


I wanted share this tool with developers here. thank you

Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2011.07.23 08:31  
We are developing new features for our ticker. Of course it will keep for FREE. Is there any feature requests?
whroeder1 2011.07.23 18:24  
And what does this do that the tester in visual mode doesn't
midworld08 2011.07.24 15:08  
I think it allows better testing of EA's that use small pip profits on the M1 period. Again its a matter of good data, but I did use it when I was having trouble with the data import, and it got me by until I got my data sorted.
Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2011.08.07 09:53  
WHRoeder: ticker is different niche then what visual tester does, ticker does repeat sending last tick in intervals, this way price does not change, neither EA does not take any trades but you can code with objects, have outputs without waiting for ticks. Another advantage is that you can insall ticker additionally to slow running market, some symbols may have too slow ticks and you can speed up testing with ticker.
Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2011.09.07 12:18  

We have got messages from MT4 Ticker users they mention about problems sending ticket with new build 0406 terminal.exe. Can someone confirm this issue with 0406 too please? I also could confirm this problem since 0406 locally.

Btw: there is much newer version available from ticker yet, version 1.00 is stable version available.

Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2011.09.13 08:44  
MT4 Ticker has been updated to newest version 1.1. This version also supports 0406 build of metatrader.
Jon Grah
Jon Grah 2011.11.12 10:26
MT4 Ticker has been updated to newest version 1.1. This version also supports 0406 build of metatrader.
Do you have similar tool for MT5? I'm sure many developers would appreciate this. I was googling for the exact same tool, but for mt5 :(
Phil 2012.01.17 16:43  
This looks like a useful tool, but would it be possible to set custom values of the artificial tick, such as bid price or ask price or time, before sending to the terminal?
Taskin Osman
Taskin Osman 2012.03.11 21:23  

Newest version 2.0 has been released. This version supports MT4 Terminal Build 416 and older.

Gruf Gran
Gruf Gran 2014.08.27 09:56 does not seems to be alive anymore.

Do anybody know if the "ticker" is available anymore?

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