is possible to run MetaQuotes Software Corp sourced Client Terminal with another live account broker settings ?


troubles using Alpari client terminal download. now it crashes on startup many days and forsure always ask for update but no download done cuz on 218 already.

when had MetaQuotes Software Corp sourced download and always just work nice.

can i install MetaQuotes download and on server tab of options put in live alpari broker details?

if cando wat data got fillin? server,login,password,

wat about these investor,master passwords - confused, read help but not get idea

can i install MetaQuotes download and try? or will xp registry conflicts and startup choosings of registry settings cause problems?

i done total wipe alpari then reinstall and no change to wat did before - not wanna rebuild xp

help please

also i see on forum Multiple platforms served by common files, such as the experts folder and maybe someone do?

poster phy says links no but junctions maybe for dirs



Have you reinstalled from Alpari?



removed all ..\program files\... entries to old install before reinstall

make no diff


how add alpari trade a/c details to MetaQuotes corp install?

i mean is poss run a trade a/c on diff sourced terminal install?

alpari not help - not know, but say remove + reinstall and forsure this tried many times.

MetaQuotes corp install never give problem - only alpari so this why i need answer how or if poss run a/c on diff sourced install


read posts on how can copy install path somewhere else and it just work like orig installed terminal.

once i install alpari with MetaQuotes corp already there, all settings go unset in MetaQuotes corp terminal so i reset gui settings but is circle, keep unsetting if run aplari - so this why i also ask about registry settings conflicts, maybe others have seen. if not have then maybe someone could conf to me that is ok... u can run side by side diff sourced terminal installs. that help me maybe realize must total xp rebuild?


i not no how continue use alpari if even total remove and new install give same things + alpari not have answer so i ask on terminal makers forum if can use alpari a/c on diff sourced terminal install and if can instructions on how do it

many thanks phy ur reply - i not get many.


In the past, I have added "server" files from DealerB to an installation from DealerA, and been able to "Open a new account" with DealerB on DealerA's platform.

See \config\xxxxxxxxxxx.SRV files. Add SRV files from the other dealer to \config folder.