Bank of England (BoE) Quarterly Bulletin

United Kingdom
GBP, Pound sterling
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The Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin is a collection of materials on monetary policy and financial stability. It includes regular commentary on market developments and UK monetary policy operations from leading UK economists and the Bank of England employees.

As a rule, the bulletin includes one central article, several reports on past events (conferences, round tables, international conferences, etc.) and several "ordinary articles". These publications can concern not only the British economy, but also global trends, and the analysis of theoretical issues. They are connected with current events and trends, as a rule.

In other words, the quarterly bulletin of the Bank of England is devoted to the widest range of topics, from Islamic banking to reporting from the City of London. This is a kind of periodical for those interested in economics and finance. The bulletin publication does not affect the pound sterling quotes, but gives an understanding of current economic agenda.