Swiss National Bank (SNB) Financial Stability Report

CHF, Swiss frank

Swiss National Bank (SNB) Financial Stability Report is released annually in June. The report outlines an assessment of Swiss banking sector stability. The SNB is required to contribute to the stability of the national banking system and therefore monitors its development, focusing on major banks (Credit Suisse and UBS).

The report consists of several standard parts. It begins with an executive summary briefly reflecting the report theses, which are described in detail in other chapters. The next chapter considers external and internal macroeconomic environment over the reported year and provides a description of environment development scenarios. Then, an assessment of the Swiss banking sector is provided separately for big banks and domestically focused commercial banks. The report is provided with diagrams and data sheets. Additionally, the report contains an article on one of the most relevant topics in the reported period.

The Financial Stability Report rarely has a serious impact on Swiss franc quotes: it is a collection of data, which have earlier been mentioned in open sources. However, analysts, economists and investors always take a close look at it, since it features a well-structured information and detailed comments by the SNB's specialists.