Sveriges Riksbank Financial Stability Report

SEK, Swedish krona
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The Riksbank is Sweden's central bank accountable directly to the Swedish parliament. The Bank's responsibilities include ensuring the security and efficiency of the payment system. In practice, this means that the Bank is responsible for maintaining the country's financial stability. The Riksbank publishes the Financial Stability Report twice a year. It contains the following information:

  • Analysis and assessment of Sweden's financial system from Riksbank
  • Vulnerabilities and risks for the country's financial system
  • Articles featuring the most detailed analysis of domestic and global components influencing the stability of the Swedish financial system.

The Riksbank analyzes the stability of the financial system in order to be able to identify early vulnerabilities and risks that could lead to financial crises and thus to take effective and timely measures. In particular, the Riksbank monitors the country's banking system, paying special attention to the five largest Swedish banks in the report. Based on the analysis, the Bank can recommend specific measures aimed at banks, market participants and even government.

If the report expresses concerns about the country's financial stability, the publication may affect the Swedish krona negatively. Conversely, if the report suggests optimistic outlook, the impact on the national currency may be positive.