Norges Bank Monetary Policy Report

NOK, Norwegian Krone
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Norges Bank pays special attention to the transparency of information related to the bank's monetary policy. For this purpose, the Bank publishes reports which reflect the most complete assessments and explanations of economic developments in the country and worldwide, as well as of measures and decisions adopted by the Bank. Norges Bank Monetary Policy Report features the Bank's assessment of the outlook for the key policy rate and the countercyclical capital buffer for banks.

It is published four times a year: March, June, September and December. This multi-page document provides an overview of global economy and financial conditions in Norway (including key rates and quotes for the national currency). It also features a detailed analysis of the country's economy in terms of production levels, demand, employment and prices.

The purpose of this publication is to reveal the details of the central bank's monetary policy and to help readers understand the underlying factors that influence the adopted decisions.

It is the most comprehensive publication of Norges Bank, which provides the detailed description the bank's actions, as well as analysis of the national economy and of the largest global economies. The analysis is complemented with charts and tables. The report release is monitored by economists. However, since the report contains summary information, the publication rarely has a strong impact on the Norwegian krone quotes.