European Central Bank (ECB) Executive Board Member Schnabel Speech

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The European Central Bank Executive Board Member Isabel Schnabel Speech can clarify certain aspects of the financial regulation in the eurozone. The ECB's Board is comprised of six officials who have the right to vote in the ECB's interest rate and monetary policy decisions. All of them are regarded as important speakers, whose speeches may contain useful information for analysts.

Isabel Schnabel is a German economist who has been the Member of the ECB's Board since 2019. She often participates in various events of the European Commission, speaks at various international forums, conferences and congresses, lectures to students, etc.

If the ECB Executive Board Member's rhetoric suggests possible developments in the monetary policy, such as easing or tightening, this may be the reason to closely watch the speeches of the ECB President and Vice President. Isabel Schnabel's speeches rarely have a direct effect on euro quotes.