Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Bulletin

AUD, Australian Dollar
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Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Bulletin contains statistical tables, articles and detailed comments of RBA employees regarding the current economic situation. It also provides the bank's short-term forecasts. The Bulletin is published quarterly.

The RBA bulletin is intended for a wide circle of readers. Articles are provided with diagrams and data sheets. The materials published in the Bulletin are divided into several topics.

  • Australian Economy: The materials discuss the Australian economy, its development, structural changes, various events and trends. For example, this section can contain an article named "Mining Investment Beyond the Boom".
  • Global Economy: experts' comments and articles concerning global economy trends and events. Special attention is paid to the Southeast Asia countries (having close economic ties with Australia), however, global trends are also considered in detail.
  • Financial Markets. This highly specialized section is devoted to financial instruments, the RBA, interest rates, monetary policy regulation, etc.
  • Financial Institutions: a section about various Australian monetary and credit institutions, banking and non-banking credit system, funds.
  • Financial Stability: risks to the country's financial system and methods to avoiding them.
  • Payments: the section discusses payment systems, banknotes and coins of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and other payment methods.
  • RBA: the bank news, new appointments, changes in indicator calculation formulas, other materials concerning the Australian central bank.