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Ferox Heiken Ashi - indicator for MetaTrader 4

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2021.10.22 19:58
2021.10.22 20:31

void FeroxHeikenAshi(int i, double prev_open, double &type[], string symbol=NULL, int tf=0)
{  double high1=iHigh(symbol,tf,i+1);
   double low1=iLow(symbol,tf,i+1);
   double open1=iOpen(symbol,tf,i+1);
   double close1=iClose(symbol,tf,i+1);
   double prev_close=(open1+high1+low1+close1)/4.0;

   double high0=iHigh(symbol,tf,i);
   double low0=iLow(symbol,tf,i);
   double open0=iOpen(symbol,tf,i);
   double close0=iClose(symbol,tf,i);

   double haClose=(open0+high0+low0+close0)/4.0;
   double haOpen=(prev_open+prev_close)/2.0;
   double haHigh=fmax(high0,fmax(haOpen,haClose));
   double haLow=fmin(low0,fmin(haOpen,haClose));

   type[0]=haOpen; // Open
   type[1]=haClose; // Close
   type[2]=fmax(haLow,haHigh); // High
   type[3]=fmin(haLow,haHigh); // Low


  • Support only Metatrader4.
  • Freecode.
  • Enjoy and Sharing.

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