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Scalp All - script for MetaTrader 5


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2019.11.18 12:18
2019.11.25 14:00

This script opens random positions at market price on all marketwatch symbols having spread below specified value. Volume, take-profit and stop-loss levels are determined by user inputs.


  • Right-Click marketwatch and Show All symbols.
  • Wait symbols to update their bid/ask values.
  • Open a chart.
  • Double-Click or Drag-Drop ScalpAll script on a chart.
  • Enter inputs.
  • Take-profit and stop-loss levels are calculated by multiplying input values with current spread.
  • Spread filter neglects symbols having high spread which is unsuitable for scalping.
  • New positions will be opened by clicking OK.
  • To close positions use CloseScalps script. To close only profited positions, set close profit positions input to true. otherwise all scalp positions will be closed.


  • Use only on demo account.
  • Positions of some symbols may not be opened due to market conditions. Check experts tab.
  • Magic number 999 is unique for this script. Pay attention for conflicts.
  • Close last position by manually if it's not closed by script.

EDIT (21.11.2019)

  • ScalpRandom script opens a random position with randomly selected symbol having spread below specified. 
  • If rate of randomness is increased under highly uncertain conditions an event with high probability is most likely to occur.

EDIT (25.11.2019)

  • ModifyScalps adjusts take profit levels of losing positions to position open price.

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