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Market_Sessions - indicator for MetaTrader 5

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2019.02.07 08:58

Indicator Market Session displays on the price chart trading session in New york, London, Tokyo, and Sydney. You can specify the start and end hours of each trading session manually.

It has eighteen adjustable parameters:

  • Sidney session begin - Sydney trading session start hour
  • Sidney session end - Sydney trading session end hour
  • Sidney session color - Sydney trading session area color on the price chart
  • Tokio session begin - Tokyo trading session start hour
  • Tokio session end - Tokyo trading session end hour
  • Tokio session color - Tokyo trading session area color on the price chart
  • London session begin - London trading session start hour
  • London session end - London trading session end hour
  • London session color - London trading session area color on the price chart
  • NewYork session begin - New York trading session start hour
  • NewYork session end - New York trading session end hour
  • NewYork session color - New York trading session area color on the price chart
  • Session field height - trading session area height (in points) on the price chart
  • Show session labels - show the names of trading sessions within the session area on the price chart (Yes/No)
  • Font name - trading session label font name
  • Font size - trading session label font size
  • Font color - trading session label font color
  • Show start-session lines - show the lines of each trading session start on the price chart (Yes/No)

The indicator can only work on the charts with the timeframe of H1 or lower. As soon as you switch to a higher timeframe, the indicator will warn you and switch back to the hourly chart.

Translated from Russian by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
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