Understanding the Turning Point and Trend

17 July 2021, 11:55
Young Ho Seo

Understanding the Turning Point and Trend

As a day trader or investor, the concept of the turning point and the trend in Forex and Stock market must be understood. These two are not the independent topic from each other. It is better to view them under one subject. It is even better if you understand the concept of the momentum trading and mean reversion trading as any strategy in Forex and Stock market trading will be either one of them. You need to learn how to use them at your favor for your trading. The book: Science Of Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Analysis, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave and X3 Chart Pattern (In Forex and Stock Market Trading) is exactly the book dedicated for this topic. This book will provide many examples of the turning point and trend. In addition, the book brings the concept of the trend and turning point further. It provides the detailed description on the turning point probability and the trend probability.

The book can be found in all the major book distributors in the world. Please choose the best book distributor you like from the link below including amazon.com, Google Play Book, scribd.com, Apple Book and so on.




After understanding the probability, we can improve your trading with either turning point probability and trend probability. The direct representation of its principle can be found from Fractal Pattern Scanner. You have the full access to the turning point probability and trend probability from Fractal Pattern Scanner to improve your trading strategy. Please have a look at the indicator.

Below is the landing page for Fractal Pattern Scanner in MetaTrader version.




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