Green EYE settings list

Green EYE settings list

1 April 2020, 19:32
Aliaksandr Kryvanos
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The list of input parameters for the EA:

Description of the input parameters of the EA

  • Command hash-string - Strategy №0 - strategy command line #0
  • Command hash-string - Strategy №1 - strategy command line #1
  • Command hash-string - Strategy №2 - strategy command line #2
  • Broker's GMT Time Offset, hours - the difference between your broker's server time and GMT time in hours (for example roboforex broker gmt offset = 3)
  • Magic Number (part) - setting a part of the magic number for the EA (since the EA uses 3 strategies from the current magic number adding digits 3 different magic numbers are created)
  • Deals comment - your comment for deals
  • Retry Attempt - number of attempts to open a position, modify it, close it when server errors occur
  • Lot - If 0.1 is set for one strategy, then each of 3 strategies will use 0.1 lot (0.3 lots in total).
  • Dynamic Lot, ? - use dynamic lot (true/false)
  • Risk Percent - risk indication for a dynamically calculated lot
  • MM Mode - capital management mode: adding lot with deposit growth (lots_adding), lot calculation as a percentage of funds (lots_percent)
  • Risk Percent, % (use it if lot = lot_percent) - risk as a percentage of funds if MM Mode = lots_percent
  • Each plus in the amount money to deposit (use it if Lot = lots_adding) - deposit gain inmoney
  • Add lot to trade (use it if lot = lots_adding) - additional lot to the current one if MM Mode = lots_adding
  • Use Trailing-Stop, ? - use trailing stop (true/false)
  • Trailing-Distance - trailing distance (between price and stop loss) - this parameter must be greater than or equal to StopLevel
  • Trailing-Step - trailing stop step
  • Send alerts, ? - send an audible message (alert) when opening and closing positions (true/false)
  • Send notifications, ? - send push notifications when opening and closing positions (true/false)
  • Show Info panel, ? - show the information panel on the chart (slows down EA testing) (true/false)
  • Show Green EYE label, ? - show the EA logo on the chart (upper right corner) (true/false)

+ Stop-loss and Take Profit values are not set directly. The optimal parameters for included strategies are used.

Command hash-string - Strategy №X - are set as additional strategies. And will be published as needed. The Expert Advisor is already ready to trade, without setting these parameters (leave blank fields).

Read more about command lines (hash strategies) here:


*Broker's GMT Time Offset, hours - You should look at the terminal time now and GMT time now and calculate:

2 for GMT now


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