Green EYE Expert Advisor - HASH-Strategies description

Green EYE Expert Advisor - HASH-Strategies description

1 April 2020, 19:32
Aliaksandr Kryvanos
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Description of the strategy correction system based on hash strings for Green EYE Expert Advisor

Green EYE for MT4:

Green EYE is equipped with a unique system of strategy correction based on hash strings (hash strategies)

  • On the author's side, command hash strings are generated for each strategy that slightly changes the Expert Advisor's behavior in the current, changing market. Set files with command hash strings are published as needed.
  • During the work of the Expert Advisor, the user can download instructions for existing strategies, thus adapting to the changing market.

The Green EYE EA comes with optimal parameters and the user sets only traded lots, magic numbers (number) for the EA, time offset, panel settings, etc. Optimization is on the author's side. This step is due to the fact that the user gets a ready-made trading Expert Advisor at his disposal and does not need to spend a lot of time confused in a huge list of variables for the optimization.

The Green EYE Expert Advisor algorithm was created in such a way as to reduce dependence on broker quotes - this means that the optimal parameter values should suit everyone and the trading result is almost independent of optimization.

For the user, this means ease of maintenance and use. It is better than "improving" the EA and recompiling/optimizing it.

Micro-command files (hash) in the set files are published as needed. And can be used to run the Expert Advisor on another EURUSD chart, with other Magic numbers for parallel operation (for example)

EA settings window:

The Expert Advisor comes with optimal parameters and can be started immediately after buying or renting (internal strategies are used).

The window with the advisor running:

As needed, the blog will publish command hash strings and set files to be used in the Expert Advisor.

Options for setting hash strategies:

The lines for hash strategies have a look:


that encoded the strategy.

Set-files, they are like microcommands to change the behavior of internal strategies and they are generated by a special tester on the MT5 platform. A powerful optimizer for MetaTrader 5. Each set file with micro commands adjusts the internal strategy to the current market. This is done for easy use of the Expert Advisor, in order not to reoptimize a huge array of data. It is only a small part of it. This means it is easy to use for the end user. It also diversifies risks, as several strategies with a smaller lot will be better than one or two strategies.

Download any of the files in the future, as they will be configured for the current market. It is possible, but not obligatory, to use several sets of files at once. Treat these set files as normal set files with optimal parameters.

These are additional files. It doesn't mean you have to take 4 charts and use them. It's enough to have 1 set file, anyone. Just allocating risk to several strategies will smooth the yield curve. 

Also, for those who do not know which set file to use better, you can collect your set file from the three set files listed. For example: from each file (for this purpose it is better to take the text representation xxxx _optim hash_.txt) take one line of hash code and combine, for example - from one take a line, from the second take a line, from the third take a line and save under your name, specify the lot, shift and your Magic. And use this merged set file.

The Expert Advisor has an information panel that indicates which strategies are currently in use

The settings of the EA and the description of parameters can be found here:

Latest set files with strategies for the real market


Testing Green EYE EA from 3000$ to 99000$

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