Instructions, recommendations, advices on the system (robot) MC_Brain_Synchro EA

Instructions, recommendations, advices on the system (robot) MC_Brain_Synchro EA

15 February 2020, 13:13
Stanislau Siatsko

Instructions, recommendations, advice's on the system (robot) MC_Brain_Synchro EA

MC_Brain_Synchro MT4 version:
MC_Brain_Synchro MT5 version:

   download the actual .set file (Set_N1) for MC_Brain_Synchro you can download on this page (at the end of description)


For MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or MetaTrader 5 (MT5):

Set-N1___MC_Brain_Synchro__v.2.6_(14.02.2020).set 9 kb

Parameters which I personally use in my public account:

  • I use fully the default settings
  • Minimum deposit 1000$
  • parameter Risk_value = 1.00
  • parameter GLOBAL_Profit = 2.25
  • Use_Special_Tactic_Automatically   = true
  • Profit_for_one_Ligament = 0.50
  • Use_split_Step  = true (for each Ligament_1-4)
A detailed description of the most significant parameters at the end of this instruction.

1. Proper preparation of the MT4 terminal for trading.

First make sure that all currency pairs used in trading are loaded (displayed) in the window Market Watch:


2. Open a USDJPY chart.

3. Installing an EA on a chart with settings Set-N1:

Set-N1 settings are designed to trade in the following 8 pairs:

Attach Expert    ONLY TO ONE CHART: USDJPY ----> EA    will trade all 8 pairs from one chart!!! In setting <Load>:

and load the Set-N1_for_MC_Brain_Synchro.set configuration file (all configuration files can be downloaded at the end of this instruction).

Then in <Common> set <Allow live trading>:

The most significant input parameters:

  • Risk_value                                     = 1.0    – Risk level Affects lot size. The higher the value, the larger the lot size.
  • GLOBAL_Profit                                  = 2.25   – Profit level in% of the deposit for closing all orders traded in set.
  • Use_Special_Tactic_Automatically               = true   - Enables / disables profit-taking of each ligament separately, regardless of the overall result in set for all pairs.
  • Profit_for_one_Ligament                        = 0.50   – Profit level in% of the deposit for closing selected Ligament.
  • Ligament_1_Step...Ligament_4_Step              = 200    - The total step (in pips) of price deviation in the unprofitable direction, for two pairs in Ligament for which it is allowed to open the next order when a signal is received.
  • Symbol_1_Step...Symbol_8_Step                  = 20     – Step (in pips) of price deviation in the unprofitable direction, for one pair from the Ligament for which it is allowed to open the hedging order when a signal is received.
  • Ligament_1...4_Use_split_Step                  = true   – Enables / disables Symbol_1_Step...Symbol_8_Step. In this case used only total step for Ligament.
  • Symbol_1...8_BUY...SELL_use_independently      = false  – Enables / disables the pair's connection in the Ligament. If <true>, then each pair in the Ligament trades absolutely independently of the second.
  • MaxTrades_for_one_pair                         = 5      – The maximum number of ligaments when adding.
  • k_Lots                                         = 1.0    – The multiplying factor of the lot, for each subsequent opening position. If =1 - the lot is the same for all orders.
  • MoneyManagement                                = true   – Enable / disable money management (automatic calculation of the lot on the size of the deposit).
  • UseAccountFreeMargin                           = false  – The calculation of the lot is relatively free margin. If false, the calculation is from the Balance.
  • Lot_size_by_Deposit_Currency                   = false  – To consider deposit currency when calculating lot.
  • Lots                                            = 0.01   – Lot size for opening positions. Works only when MoneyManagement = false
  • Symbol_1_BUY_Signal..Symbol_8_SELL_Signal      = true   – Enable / disable trading on the selected currency pair and type.


Write all questions and discussions on the work of the EA, please send me on PM, because it will be so much easier for me to provide support for any questions, since I see the entire history of correspondence and can more quickly understand what the question is!

Sincerely, Stanislau.

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