Concordia Investing Smooth Growth Signals

25 January 2020, 00:51

Concordia Investing January Performance

This month has been excellent for trading. My signal, Concordia Investing Smooth Growth, has grown 44% so far (one week left of January, though) this month with only a 6.5% drawdown. The growth has been steady and we look for that to continue as we chase our goal of reaching a 100,000 XRP trading account. From 1,550 to 100,000 XRP has been the vision, and I will do everything in my power to attain that. My goal with this account is to limit drawdown to MAX 20%, grow steadily and consistently, and utilize the proper money management techniques that I've learned throughout my 3+ years of trading.

2020 is our year - join the ride to 100,000 XRP so I can build your account along with mine by clicking this link --->

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