Installation Steps For Abra Kadabra

23 October 2018, 18:08
Mohamed Mohamed
Please Read the Guide First before Setup your EA or ask any question , Usually all your questions have been already answered in the Guide

1- Disable AutoTrading in the Terminal

2-Open the chart for all 29 recommended pairs

3- install the EA on the first pair , give the EA a unique magic ( It will be the same magic number for all the remaining pairs )

4- setup your settings according to you preference , you will find here different options

5- Remember to enable High and NFP News in News Filter 

6- Save the options as a set file so you won't need to do it everytime

7- Check that you allow live trading in EA settings ( you will find that option under a tab called " Common "

8- Click Ok

9- On the same pair Choose TF 5m and wait until it load ( That should be immediate )
Then choose 15m time frame and wait again until load then 30m > 1h > 4h > Daily TF and keep it on Daily TF
Here's a video describing this step

10- Repeat those steps in all remaining pairs with the same magic number and the saved set file

11- Enter The URL
In the trusted urls in MT4 settings 
Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > 
* tick on Allow WebRequest for list URL
* Enter the url below
*Click ok then go again for the settings to check that URL is still there

12 - Enable AutoTrading 

13- Spend the Profits :)
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