CCI and EMA Trading Strategy

CCI and EMA Trading Strategy

21 November 2017, 15:27
Dragan Drenjanin

Instruments: All

Timeframes: M30 and above


  • EMA with the period 8;
  • EMA with the period 28;
  • Commodity Channel Index CCI with the period 30


Conditions for entering into transactions to:

Buy: 8EMA crosses 26EMA from bottom to top, the line CCI is above 0.

Sell: 8EMA crosses 26EMA from top to bottom, the line CCI is below 0.

Stop Loss:

For long positions:  20 points below the entry point.

For short positions: 10 points above the entry point.

Take profit:

Generally, it is at 50 points; it is also recommended to exit upon reaching the levels of support/resistance. 

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