Coding Candlestick Patterns In MQL5

6 September 2017, 09:35
Ahmad Hassam

Candlestick patterns are important trend reversal and trend continuation signals.

But most of the time you will find these candlestick patterns to be vague and imprecise.

What if we can somehow combine these candlestick patterns with machine learning and AI?

If we can do that we can develop an expert system that can give us good buy/sell signals.

The trick lies in sifting through these candlestick patterns and using machine learning to ignore false signals.

Read this post in which I show how you are going to code candlestick patterns in MQL5.

We can combine these candlestick patterns with a deep learning neural network.

We can also use fuzzy logic to predict the next big candle using these candlestick patterns.

I am working on this, once I write the post on fuzzy candlestick patterns, I will let you know.

Candlestick maths is very important, Most traders simply don't know what candlestick maths is.

For example on a 8 hour chart, we have a shooting star, it is a strong trend reversal signal.

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