Intraday Planetary Line Multi Currency Case Study 5th July, 2017

Intraday Planetary Line Multi Currency Case Study 5th July, 2017

5 July 2017, 18:48
Somsri Sarkar

Case Study: 7/5/2017

  • Indicator Parameters:
  • Zodiac : Tropical
  • Scale : 1.00
  • Coordinate: Geocentric
Today Aspects:
  • Mercury Trine Moon
  • Venus Opposition Moon
  • Sun Square Jupiter (Major Planet Aspect)
  • Mercury Square Uranus (Major Planet Aspect)
Tradable Instrument: 


Chart Set Up:

As there are 2 major planet aspect, so we will choose “Sun Square Price Line” & “Mercury Square Price line” (We could choose Jupiter Square & Uranus Square Price line too, both combinations are actually same with Suns square & Mercury square) 

Mercury has two aspects one with Jupiter & another with Moon, both are the strong aspects. So today focusing mainly on Mercury.

First, we removed all basic planetary lines from the chart:

Removing All Planetary lines

Then we will only add two lines "Sun Square Price Line" & "Mercury Square Price Line". (With our upcoming version, user can add two aspect line one at time, which is good enough)

Note: We could also plot Mercury Semi-Square Price line for the smaller part of the Square price line, as Square = 90 degrees & Semi-Square = 45 degrees, advance part explained later.

Setting up the aspect lines

So here is the Mercury Square Price Line for 5 Forex Pair Chart:



How today accurately, market formed "double top" at Mercury Square Price Level.



How Accurately Intraday Low formed around Mercury Square Price Level.



Same goes with GBPJPY, "double bottom" at Mercury Square Price Line.



Same goes for EURAUD Intraday top formed on Mercury Square Price Line.


USDCAD chart

With USDCAD things are not that sharp. As we have mentioned in our manual, not always everything will work. Same planetary aspect works with different instrument differently. Some react, some don't.

Now, with Advance part of Semi-square chart:

This USDCAD chart looks different:

USDCAD Semi-Square Chart:

USDCAD semi square chart

GBPUSD Semi-Square Chart

GBPUSD Semi Square Chart

It shows Intraday Top & bottom perfectly both formed on Mercury Semi-Square Price Line, Means with Semi-Square we get take profit targets.

EURUSD Semi-Square Chart:

EURUSD Semi Square Chart

For EURUSD Same way profit target from the double top towards Intrday low.

Download Indicator:

Download the indicator MT4 Version

Download the indicator MT5 Version

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