RapidFire's Update History/Description of the new parameters

RapidFire's Update History/Description of the new parameters

29 June 2017, 18:45
Tom Seljakin

RapidFire's update history and the description of the new parameters.

Version 1.6

The update improves the overall stability of the EA (i've completely rewritten the order opening block) and also changes how the EA puts pending orders on high/low points. In the previous version the EA put a pending order on a previous(second) high/low point only when the first high/low was broken. In the next update the EA will put pending orders on all high/low points immediately. Also you can choose on how many high/low points the Ea will put pending orders, which improves the profitably of the strategy. The only rule is a bar of a high/low point must be always higher/lower than all bars on the right side from it, otherwise a pending order wont be placed on that point.

New inputs:

"Put pending orders on number of H/L points" — on how many high/low points the EA will put pending orders.

"Send a push notification or an email when a critical error occurs" - if "True", the EA will send an push notification and an email only when the EA won't be able to set a stop-loss to an open order.

Version 1.5

The main changes:

The "Signal Sensitivity" parameter has been replaced with the two new parameters: "Min Bars For The Left H/L Point" and "Min Bars For The Right H/L Point".  Because of these two new parameters, the High/Low points are more customizable now. Basically they (the two new parameters) work like the fractals from Bill Williams.  The standard fractal consists of 5 bars and the middle one must be the highest/lowest (otherwise the fractal will not be created). The same principle applies to the High/Low points , but you can choose how many bars must be on the left/right side of the highest/lowest bar for the H/L points to be created.

The new inputs:

"Buy Pending Order Price Offset": How many points will be added to the open price of a buy limit/stop pending order

"Sell Pending Order Price Offset": How many points will be deducted from the open price of a sell limit/stop pending order.

"Put Pending on The Next H/L point": If it's set to "True", then the EA will ignore the first high/low point and search for the next one. After the second high/low points are found, the EA will put pending orders on them.

"H/L Filter":  If it's set to "True", then the EA will open pending orders only near the top/bottom of the N-period channel. 

"H/L Period": The period of the channel in bars.

 "Don't Close Orders During High Spread If The Distance is More Than": The "Close Pending Orders During High Spread" function will not work if the price will be further than n-points from opened pending orders.

Version 1.4

+ Stop Trading On Friday - if "True", then the EA will stop opening new orders on Friday after a specific time. 
+ Friday Stop Trade Time - specify time, after which the EA will stop opening new orders on Friday.

Version 1.3

+ Added a new parameter called "SignalSensitivity". If the value is less than 1.0, the EA will put pending orders on closer High/Low levels. If the value is greater than 1.0, then the EA will put pending orders on further High/Low levels. 

- Optimized the testing speed with news history.

Version 1.2 

Users now can test the EA with news historical data. To do this, put in the '//my_terminal_folder// test//files' your CSV file with the news historical data. An example of a correct CSV file can be downloaded in the "Comments" section.

New parameters:

* Name of the CSV file - the name of your CSV file.
* Use Daylight Saving Time For Testing With News - works only during testing. The EA shifts the time of the news one hour forward during the Eastern European Summer Time (EEST).
* Trading period before important news (in minutes) - allow the EA trade before important news (in minutes).

How to use the news filter in backtests:

1. You must have news history data in CSV format. There is an excellent program that allows you to download news history data from forexfactory( search in Google "forexfactory plot news"). I attached to this message my own CSV with the news history data from 2010.06.01 to 2017.06.01.

2. Put your csv file in the 'your_terminal\tester\files' folder.

3. Don't forget to set the news filter to "True".

Version 1.1

- Fixed display of closed orders stats in the info panel.

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