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6 July 2017, 16:13
Mohamed Mohamed
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Slice Of Heaven is the First EA gives you multiple different strategies in the same time .

Slice of Heaven is the First EA gives you the ability to trade 25 pairs simultaneously because of its very smart core of Artificial Intelligence and the number is increasing every day .

Choosing the proper Broker is a very important thing with Slice of Heaven as Many brokers implement defensive and precautious measures interfere with the complex Algorithm used by the EA , If you have seen strange trades in the beginning of usage of the EA or looking for an optimum broker please see This Post Here.

Settings And Explanation of Slice of Heaven

  • Profit - Take Profit.

  • StopLoss - Stop Loss (it's 250 pips by the default and please don't make it any lower as the multi-frames analysis of the will make the price coming back again to your TP so please allow a min range of 250 pips for price fluctuations )

  • AutoLot - Enable or Disable Autolot Function

  • Fixed Lots - Lot size, please modify to adapt your capital. ( This in case you turned off Autolot )

  • Risk % - ( In case of you turn on Autolot ) How much you want to risk from your capital in every trade ( you will lose this percentage if your trade hit SL )
    The lot size is calculated upon 3 things : Deposit, Stop Loss and Risk% The simple explanation for it is : You will lose the Risk Percentage from your deposit each time your trade will hit Stop loss 
    To give an example for our default trades, our default SL is 250 , default risk% is 25 
    So for 1000 USD Deposit , the auto calculation will give us 0.1 lot size ,, Why ? 
    As if 0.1 lot size hit our stop loss which is 250 pip that will equal 250 USD which is 25% from our deposit 
    So we lose Risk Percentage ( 25 % ) from our deposit ( 1000 USD ) each time our trade hit SL ( 250 pip )
  • Decimals : How many numbers after the decimal in lot size
    Decimals here refer to lot size which is going to be calculated by the auto lot functions ( not related to your broker whether it's 5 or 4 digits ), so almost always our broker offer a lot step up as low as 0.01 so we can have normally 2 numbers after decimal ( eg: 0.01 or 0.02 or 0.15 etc.. ) but some brokers or pairs have just one number after decimal like 0.1 or 0.2 ( if you don't know what to do leave it to the default which is 2 )
  • Maximum Lot : Maximum lot that can be calculated but Autolot Function

  • Magic Number - Every pair has to have its unique Magic number and please make sure you increase the magic number by 1000 as the EA uses the range inbetween to assign a unique magic number to every open position { eg : you attached the EA to AUDUSD, EURCAD, USDCHF ,,,,,, AUDUSD will take >>1000, EURCAD >> 2000, USDCHF >> 3000 and so on }.

  • Trailing stop:

    • You will get 2 parameters to modify Trailing level (which defines how much distance the stop will be from the current price) and Trailing Activation (which defines on what level should the trailing start)

  • BreakEven: 
    • You will get 2 parameters to modify Trailing level (which defines how much distance the stop will be from the current price) and Trailing Activation (which defines on what level should the trailing start)

  • Hedging: allow or disable Hedging ( Hedging means that the EA can open another trade in the opposite direction if there's a signal without any interference for the original one so it's a modified unique and safer version of Hedging )

-- Martingale Settings --

  • The EA uses a unique Martingale system, unlike other systems you may used. This Martingale system waits after a number of pips you losing (you can define manually that number) then starts to find a perfect enter also depending on the signals and analysis, so the Martingale will be no more depends on gambling or just make more losing trades as usual.
  • Also in the Martingale system you will choose how many trades you want to enter you have an option of 2 trades at the same time, 3 or even 4. You can define different TP and SL for the Martingale trades or use the common parameters of Trailing and BreakEven.
  • Martingale: disable or allow Martingale, Martingale up to 4 >> 4 trades at the same time (the Original one and another 3 trades by Martingale)

  • Losing to open: number of pips losing in the last opened trade of the specified pair to start looking for another signal to open the next trade >> Not only for the Original trade but also for Martingale trades
    Please Understand that the EA will not open another trade after exactly this number of pips but it will start to look for another good enter to open the Martingale trade

  • Lots Multiplier: the number here will be multiplied by the Lots size of the previous trade (Original or Martingale)

  • Martingale TP: Take Profits of Martingale trades. Set it to 0 if you want to use Trailing and BreakEven settings. But if you don't use neither one of them you have to set Martingale TP, as Martingale trades can't use the common Take Profit or StopLoss

  • Martingale Stop Loss: As Above
The system here does Exactly as the ordinary Martingale except in two things

1- after a pre-specified number of losing pips it won't open directly another order like the ordinary one but at this point it will start to look for another signal exactly under the same conditions which allow it to open the original trade so it's more like another good trade under the perfect conditions just with a bigger size
2- that Martingale trade would have its own TP and SL completely separated from the original one so if it tp was set on 10 , once it hit 10 in profit it will close itself and won't do anything for the original trade

To give an example : 
*****We opened a buy trade in GBPUSD at 1.4100 with TP 10 and SL 250 and we have enabled Martingale up to 2 ( this means the EA only allowed to open a single Martingale trade to become the sum of all opened trades 2 trades ( the original and the martingale) )  and the settings for Martingale are : Losing to open = 30 , TP=10, SL=250 ( I set them here to be the same as the original one but I could make them different as tp=20 and sl=100 )
****unfortunately GBPUSD comes down to 1.4070 so we are now in loss = -30 Pips and that the number we set in settings
*** The Martingale system here will be enabled but not to opened immediately another trade but just to give the green color to the EA to open another trade in the same pair in the same direction and bigger in lot size according to settigns
** If there was already a signal from the EA at 1.4070 it will open another buy trade but it may be wait until a level like 1.3950 where it finds another perfect signal according to our strategy
* The Martingale trade will be opened for example at 1.3950 >> if it hit 10 pips in profit at 1.3960 it will be closed and the original trade would be still opened normally without any intervention
In This Model , The Martingale is much more safer than the ordinary gambling model which blow up ur account randomly but still Any Martingale system has its risks and you should use it carefully 

---- other options ----

  • Write your own comment :
  • Display Corner: the side of display info
  • Max Slippages
  • Max Spread

-- News Filter --
  • Source News – Choose news source whether Investing.com or Dailyfx.com
  • Low News – Activate Low news.
  • Supend before low – For How many minutes you want the EA to be suspended before the low news
  • Suspend after low - For How many minutes you want the EA to be suspended after the low news
  • Medium News - Activate medium news.
  • Supend before med  - 
  • Supend after med  - 
  • High News - Activate high news.
  • Supend before high  - 
  • Supend after high  - 
  • NFP News - Activate Non-farm Payrolls' news
  • Supend before NFP  - 
  • Supend before NFP - 
  • Draw News Lines - Draw the news on the chart as lines
  • Low Color – The color of low news.
  • Med Color - The color of medium news.
  • High Color - The color of high news.
  • Time Zone ( GMT + ) - Broker's Time Zone

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