"Slice of Heaven " Parameters & Settings

6 July 2017, 16:13
Mohamed Mohamed

This is the Parameters of "Slice of Heaven" Expert Advisor


  • Profit - Take Profit.
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss (it's 250 pips by the default and please don't make it any lower as the multi-frames analysis of the will make the price coming back again to your TP so please allow a min range of 250 pips for price fluctuations )
  • AutoLot : F / T
  • Lots : Fixed Lots ( Use this if you turn off AutoLot )
  • Risk : Risk % ( Use this if you turn on AutoLot )
  • Decimals : How many number after decimal 
  • Maximum Lots : For AutoLot Function 
  • Magic Number - Every pair has to have its unique Magic number and please make sure you increase the magic number by 1000 as the EA uses the range inbetween to assign a unique magic number to every open position { eg : you attached the EA to AUDUSD, EURCAD, USDCHF ,,,,,, AUDUSD will take >>1000, EURCAD >> 2000, USDCHF >> 3000 and so on }.
  • Trailing Level: Mentioned in the Original description of the EA
  • Trailing Activation: Mentioned in the Original description of the EA
  • BreakEven Level: Mentioned in the Original description of the EA
  • BreakEven Activation: Mentioned in the Original description of the EA
  • Hedging: allow or disable Hedging ( Hedging means that the EA can open another trade in the opposite direction if there's a signal without any interference for the original one )

-- Martingale Settings --

  • Martingale: disable or allow Martingale, Martingale up to 4 >> 4 trades at the same time (the Original one and another 3 trades by Martingale)
  • Losing to open: number of pips losing in the last opened trade of the specified pair to start looking for another signal to open the next trade >> Not only for the Original trade but also for Martingale trades
    Please Understand that the EA will not open another trade after exactly this number of pips but it will start to look for another good enter to open the Martingale trade
  • Lots Multiplier: the number here will be multiplied by the Lots size of the previous trade (Original or Martingale)
  • Martingale TP: Take Profits of Martingale trades. Set it to 0 if you want to use Trailing and BreakEven settings. But if you don't use neither one of them you have to set Martingale TP, as Martingale trades can't use the common Take Profit or StopLoss
  • Martingale Stop Loss: As Above
-- Other Settings -- 
  • Your Own Comment 
  • Display Corner : Right or Left
  • Max Slippage
  • Max Spread
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