BtB SnR ( Server )

BtB SnR ( Server )

21 July 2016, 13:00
Juan Fernandez

BtB SnR ( Server ) 

23-07-2016 ( v0.65 )



This tool manage 28 pairs covering 8 major currencies crosses. Every major currency have 7 crosses. Are not showed mirror crosses for avoid corsses duplicity

  • AUD
  • CAD
  • CHF
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • NZD
  • JPY
  • USD



Panel is the heart of this tool. You can see symbol signals, control PUSH notifications or enable signals. All panel settings are persistent between sessions



Panel shows some important info about your settings. Rows means:

    1. Tool name
    2. Lookup Bars
    3. Timeframe


Symbol is composed by:

    • Enable/disable pair
    • Enable/disable notificacitions
    • Symbol information
      • Symbol name
      • SnR area


You have 3 colors for signals ( colors are customizable ) 

    •  BUY
    •  SELL
    •  TREND


Missing symbols

Symbols missing are detected automatically and hidden

Open Chart

If you press symbol button you will open chart in that Symbol/TF. 'Default' template is used

Pin ( Signals Protocol )

PIN is a universal protocol for read data provided for BtB tools. This allows communicate BtB tools between them or expand other auto systems


Buyers can have free a small SDK for have access to signals data provided for this tool. This SDK is an source code file with all need it for can add it in your project easily



For DEMO version -> Demo
If you are interested in this product you can buy it or rent it here -> SnR ( Server )
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