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Mohamed Samir Mohamed Amin Eltaher
Mohamed Samir Mohamed Amin Eltaher 2021.08.22 15:13 

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ermesruck 2021.08.20 18:07 

I shouldn't trust on her signal. How stupid I am on trust in a signal that never had lost in a certain % of positions.

Christian Rojas
Christian Rojas 2021.08.20 07:26  (geändert 2021.08.20 07:27) 

I dont know why I put my money and my trust on her, at the beguinning I was happy with her results, now I regret.

had I knew that would be like this I wouldnt trust

Bye Bye savings....

Leveque Gerald
Leveque Gerald 2021.08.20 01:09 

Loss all the money in 24h after months of no losses ! Terrible sensation .

DaisenSekai 2021.08.19 16:38 

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King-fx 2021.08.19 13:12 

Terrible trading. Blew up the account. Unsubscibing

2dapeLDA9 2021.08.19 09:17 

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andreylll 2021.08.19 06:07 

Не очень хорошая идея, наращивать позиции,когда ситуация выходит из под контроля

Lezard33 2021.08.19 06:00  (geändert 2021.08.19 07:46) 


patrickdrew 2021.08.18 08:02  (geändert 2021.08.18 08:12) 

18/08 - This is absolute gambling! DD is now minus 68% - Author stopped communicating with anyone - no control. :-(

29/07 - VERY SAD!! After she promised me that DD would never exceed 50%... it now continues to climb. :-( We are getting close to 60% DD and the WORST think is that Ekaterina still HAS NOT MADE ANY STATEMENT TO US about what is happening!? :-( Very unhappy!!

19/05 - I just started copying this morning. Came in at a DD of about 30% and in the retracement made the usd 30 fee in 5 hours. :-)

I have a very good feeling about this provider! :-) I will update in one month.

04/06 - Author is trading very well!! Stays on track of trades! I have added capital. - Also author seems to really care and communicates often and well! :-)

29/06 - Simply fantastic!!! I have just re-subscribed for another month. This author simply makes money.

Would be nice with more feedback from the other subscribers!!

AND FOR THOSE IDIOTS COMPLAINING - You probably put in a small USD 50 and then were upset when her DD went under 50. WHAT did you expect?? She has a balance of 600 USD and is trading 0.01 lots! Educate yourself and put in the same balance!! She just might be the best trader here!!!