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Wai Kwong Wong
Wai Kwong Wong 2021.08.25 17:27  (geändert 2021.08.26 18:25)   

1/4 DD!!!

final -35%!!! too bad

help to earn back fast 🙇‍♂️

Don't be discouraged

Wayside48 2021.04.29 01:07  (geändert 2021.05.01 15:17) 

Great signal but as others have said, why is subscription disabled? Davi's name is crossed through on his profile page as if hes been banned or something, yet the signal is still running, and you can subscribe to his "Stardust" signal. All rather strange. My subscription expires on 11th May, hopefully this issue will be resolved by then.

Davi please tell us what's going on! (I suppose if he is banned he won't be able to tell us!)

EDIT: I see I can still renew from the terminal. Would be nice to know the reason though!

Mohamed Islem Kamouni -
Mohamed Islem Kamouni - 2021.04.27 11:41 

Brilliant signal . but why the subscription is not permitted?

Top Secret
Top Secret 2021.04.26 06:05 

The signal is temporarily disabled for new subscription. - why?