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jsquiggle1 2019.05.10 15:18  (geändert 2019.05.10 15:51) 

I am a US customer, I know that there are zero US based brokers that allow hedging due to US laws, however; I have an account created overseas that allows US customers. I'll let you know what happens, so far it looks good. We're in the green.

Do your thing, I havent been following long - but I'm a believer.

Allen Yeo
Allen Yeo 2019.05.10 11:17   

Yasir, patience is a virtue. i agree to.your "waiting" and not risking strategy as long as u inform us that why u aint trading (as what u did in thw "what's new" tab). for hedging, it is not a prob for most asia and aussie based broker fyi. good luck

Vincent1302 2019.05.08 13:57  (geändert 2019.06.04 00:05) 

2 months of subscription to earn no money this signal cash your monthly payments and you do not win anything!

SamLod911 2019.05.07 19:50   

any thought to why you are sitting on this trade for so long?

chuskas 2019.05.07 19:46  (geändert 2019.05.09 16:33)   

Too much time for a losing trade.....Why you do not trade more "normal" pairs, those in forex majors?...they are more reliable and foreseeable.

Andrei Akentev
Andrei Akentev 2019.05.07 14:32 

Hello, Yasir!

I want to explain the situation on AUDJPY Friday-Monday. You certainly made the right decision to close it in Friday. But you have not considered that many brokers market closes on Friday at 23:55 in contrast to the ICM, where the working time is up to 23:57. You closed the order at 23:55:37 and so many subscribers this order is not closed, because the market was closed. Please consider this next time and close orders before 23:55 on Friday. (Maybe better before 23:45.)

Quanlei Qu
Quanlei Qu 2019.05.04 05:17  (geändert 2019.05.06 14:38)   


francetokyo 2019.05.01 11:11 

Good signal, i follow for 1 month and like this signal, very safe

Nutchapon Namsutto
Nutchapon Namsutto 2019.04.25 22:25  (geändert 2019.04.30 11:29) 

This signal is what I was looking for a long time. Limited loss with sustainable growth. Some wins, some losses, that is normal for trading. Give Yasir a five star.

Kevin Kater
Kevin Kater 2019.04.24 08:39 

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