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srfields 2019.08.02 15:33  (geändert 2019.08.02 15:41) 

I am shocked that the trader has allowed the drawdown to reach 37% (as of the time of this review), by stubbornly hanging on to losing trades that have shown no real sign of recovery. I subscribed to the signal in March, and until recently he has been a sensible and cautious trader, just as he consistently has written in his signal description and news. Granted, he has often held on to stagnant losing trades for days, finally closing them when they break even or in small loss/gain, but he's never found himself in near the kind of trouble that he's in now. Apparently he's afraid to upset his subscribers and close with a loss, even when it sounded like he was ready to do that a couple of days ago (and I thought his plan at that time sounded reasonable). By inexplicably hanging on he's allowed things to get much, much worse. I know he is personally affected by poor feedback and what he considers to be misguided reviews that are critical when he even reaches a small DD%, but now he can't be surprised that his subscribers are upset. He has broken his "promise" that he wouldn't put accounts in jeopardy with large and irresponsible drawdown while waiting for luck to turn around losing trades. He has been very critical of other signals that have found themselves in the position that he is in now, sometimes arrogantly critical, but at least most of those other signals clearly advertised themselves as high risk/reward and the subscribers took an informed and calculated risk. That is not the case here. Out of the blue we have found ourselves in this situation, against everything the provider has consistently promised. Unfortunately, I have trusted this trader enough that I've moved more and more capital into this account over time, thinking it was a wise and safe investment. It is very surprising to me that we're now in a place where I've had to make a decision to cut my losses (as I set 35% as the maximum DD I was willing to endure). I hope that GBP rebounds and everything turns out ok for those still in the signal, but I think it is impossible to predict what will happen with this mess and the worst case scenario is a real possibility. It hurts me to depart, as I truly believed that this signal was a rare safe and wise investment on MQL5, but even more so than poor performance (as forex is difficult and unpredictable) I am unwilling to stick with a trader that doesn't follow his own rules and guidelines.

Anatolii Masliukov
Anatolii Masliukov 2019.08.02 14:45 

Плохой сигнал.

Торгует против тренда без стоп лоса. Постоянно просадка.

Давно хотел уйти но постоянно сигнал в просадке.

Ухожу, потеря -30% депозита.

bigneil 2019.08.02 12:32  (geändert 2019.08.02 12:35) 

My "Stop if equity is less than" just activated (down 20% from initial balance, 35% from top), so I am out for now. Appreciate it is a bad time for GBP (live in UK and don't trade it due to emotion), but I am saddened that the provider appears to not follow his own guidance (namely "you will not wake up to discover 20% of your account in Drawdown" and "Protective Stoplosses will be in place from now"). Good luck to all still in, and I may rejoin if conditions improve.

victor.m.99 2019.08.02 09:47 

Yazid what the hell are you waiting for?

What is your « mental » SL and your « mental » TP?, never ever seen such a loss on 2 positions. More than 10k€ and I’m copying you only at 50%. You are at 35% of DD, is it safetrading?

maheshharia 2019.08.02 05:32 

without stop loss no trading total loss 11000 usd

Adrian Hng
Adrian Hng 2019.08.02 04:45 

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DOUGLAS MARTIN YOUNGER 2019.08.01 21:56  (geändert 2019.08.02 03:23)   

Being a good loser is half the battle and he refused to close at a loss. Even the best can make mistakes. But can he learn?

Pretty sad. It’s almost like he did it on purpose. Posted that he’s do for a loss and is holding a big one. Disappointed.

Once the sentiment of Boris was known, we could have sold with a small loss.

I am looking at closing out too, just the worst time to sell. But then again it’s lower than yesterday!

Peter9999 2019.07.29 10:51   

Any one knows a broker for USA citizens that the signal Ichimoku could work in (minimum leverage 1:200)? I don't mind if it's offshore but I need it that I can fund my account by bank transfer (Fxchoice is not a good option) the ones I know that accept USA citizens only accept leverage 1:10 or 1:50

Boully84 2019.07.28 10:43 

THANK YOU Yasir !!! Thanks to your excellent job, I am on my way to financial freedom, and therefore Freedom in all other aspects of my life ! This is such a relief and I am so grateful !

adrienClem 2019.07.25 16:28 

Good Trader, Good money management, good communication...best signal so far !