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takebest0001 2020.02.05 11:41 

Not at all ! Complete mess.

Oleksandr Yarosh
Oleksandr Yarosh 2019.11.11 05:42 

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globalmacrofx 2019.10.30 01:50 

After a tough second half of the summer, the signal has gotten back on track and had a good month. Every trader is going to go through a rough stretch. The key is cutting ones losses and realizing some losing trades and even a losing month is ok. The obsession by providers and followers on here with never having a losing month is what leads to most of them blowing completely up.

zarni 2019.08.27 00:01 

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Luciano Zanuthe
Luciano Zanuthe 2019.08.26 13:30 

I really though it was a good trader. Maybe not so good, just view the drawdown and the following deposit.

Dmitry Reutt
Dmitry Reutt 2019.08.26 08:42 

Well, it's time to write a review about the signal.

Before updating the description of the signal, the author positioned the signal as safe and profitable in the long term.

All would be nothing, but it was not so.

The author ignored the fundamental events and the drawdown turned out to be monstrous .... on the seemingly safest signal on mql5.

In the reviews there were enough examples of the author ignoring fundamental events.

The author does not answer questions about what he will do if the drawdown will absolutely critical.

How will he save the account from margin call and will he do it at all or stupidly wait?

I had to take the situation into my own hands and on Friday after Trump tweeted about China,

I sell x10 lot USDJPY and saved my deposit. Will you save an account for all the people that follow you, Yasir?

The signal is absolutely bad, please stay away from it.

jlababn 2019.08.26 01:19 

Still trading with big draw down, consider smaller lots

Bull n Bear
Bull n Bear 2019.08.22 17:50 

Not good

Christof Komander
Christof Komander 2019.08.19 11:57 

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fxoptimal.com 2019.08.09 21:50 

Big DD :(