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beatwhale 2019.10.31 18:27 

So far so good. Good profit for low drawdown. Strategy does not seem very risky

Phu Le Nguyen Vinh
Phu Le Nguyen Vinh 2019.10.21 08:45 

Too less trade per week, 2 trade per week with a small profit. Too bad.

Abdelkrim Dridi
Abdelkrim Dridi 2019.10.11 18:33 

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Italo Vieira Da Silva
Italo Vieira Da Silva 2019.10.11 02:46 

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Guang Chen
Guang Chen 2019.09.19 12:55 

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adrian1220 2019.09.13 10:09 

Seemingly, the signal is impressive with a high winning rate but it is not profitable at all, even dangerous sometimes. If your account has a balance of $600, a little less than the signal, the profit in August is barely over $25, not enough to cover the subscription fee. Moreover, the signal mostly trades at the beginning of the Asian session when huge slippage occurs, which means you may have a loss trade whereas the signal closes the order with profit. If you want to multiply the profit by pouring more money, the risk also gets increased. Totally a profitless scalping signal.

rainmonyu 2019.09.08 12:20   

this signal is useless, it's waste my money! it's not a good signal for me. totally not recommending.

John Wong
John Wong 2019.09.03 09:48  (geändert 2019.09.03 18:55) 

it is a small win but big loss strategy.. have the designer even considered the whole CHFJPY trend is down and close the buy signal creation?..totally rubbish

mattiapelliz 2019.09.03 03:42  (geändert 2019.09.03 13:13) 

Sell position in loss since 27 Aug, but still open. S/L set too low. Looks like this trader doesn't want to have red numbers on his trading history. After low DD arpund 5% during the month of July, at the moment the DD is reaching 15%.

zhangkai714 2019.08.24 14:50 

Copied the signal but slipped to rent EA. Can you tell me the parameters?