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18282075 2023.08.04 11:43  (geändert 2023.08.04 11:44) 

It says "No trading activity detected on the Signal's account for the last 7 days"

I am newbie to this platform and I have not been able to understand the right process of copying the trades from here. Can anyone assist?

samubore 2023.05.31 17:09 

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George Toffolo
George Toffolo 2023.04.22 03:31 

This is a terrible signal and not worth the money, so dont waste your time. The EA that this guy is using should have had variables for the pairs being traded. I have many errorr messages saying that the EA cant find SP500 which my broker does not have, but has the US500 which is the same market.

David Swann
David Swann 2023.02.23 10:19 

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1200091711 2023.02.07 10:02   

Hi Igor, thank you for your trading and all that you do.

Do you have telgram so i can send you a message? Im a subscriber and am concerned that after you took out your withdrawal that the volume of lots for all of us went down. Although I have the same amount of funds the lots have gone down to the same as yours with only 2.8K in your pot. Normally there is a formula that stops this from happening in the scripts Ie =8200(being my funds)/81383(your funds)*(MIN(500,200)/200)*0.95*0.1.

Do you not have this in place for your account ? As your fees are so high i can't see us getting our sub's money back each month, which means you will lose your subscribers. Hopefully you can answer me ? thanks

Octoman8 2023.01.26 11:08 

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Nicolas Jacques Clovis Mayerberger
Nicolas Jacques Clovis Mayerberger 2023.01.19 22:54  (geändert 2023.01.19 22:56) 

Good luck Igor, and guy... to follow this signal you need a trive account. And please stop posting bad comments because you lost 2% of your capital. Trader need positivity. Life is not a HIV test.

Massimo Nanni
Massimo Nanni 2023.01.18 06:51 

Trades too fast and with too little spread margin for my broker. Furthermore, I hadn't considered that my ECN contract with Roboforex does not trade Indices, but only Currencies. In spite of myself I have to cancel the subscription.

Thorsten Panneck-Conradi
Thorsten Panneck-Conradi 2022.12.14 21:21 

I follow the signal now for one month. At the beginning, it was a bit tricky because:

- other brokers are using other symbols

- if your terminal is not very fast, you are to late (e.g. your terminal must be located in London). Very often, trades are only a couple of seconds in a period with rapid chaning prices

- Trive only allows 1:10, so you must fund your account with _some_ money to be able to open all the trades done by Igor. Otherwise, the signal will disconnect for a minute or so - and you may miss the closing of the trade at the right price ;-(

After having subscribed to Trive, setup a VPN in London, funding of the account ... now I can really follow the signal - the delay between the signal provider and my terminal seems to be small enought (I do not get 100% of the profits of Igors original trades, but maybe 80%-90% which seems to be fair.

I cannot say something about the long-term stability of the signal's strategy, but until now, it works as expected.