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FOREX TREND 2.0 is a universal multi-currency EA which automatically determines a trend and can reverse at any moment and follow this trend. The EA works on any timeframe and currency pair. News and market situation do not matter. Trading is performed both during flat and along a trend. The EA does not require optimization and control. Parameters by default are adjusted for medium-term and long-term trading.


  1. does not use Martingale system.
  2. does not use indicators and oscillators.
  3. risk to reward ratio reaches 1\25.
  4. trades by trend and reverses and hedges risks in case of a trend change.
  5. loyal to slippage and floating spread.
  6. stop loss orders are not placed immediately after orders which exclude any manipulation of a broker.
  7. does not require complicated settings (setup will take 3 minutes).
  8. works with any FOREX broker.

EA Setup:

It is better to select pairs with medium or high volatility. Recommended pairs can be found in the EA's menu. Great results are obtained with EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, CADUSD, NZDUSD. Select one or two pairs per $1000 of the deposit to start the EA's operation. It's advisable to select an account with leverage 1:200 or higher. It is strictly prohibited to change a chart's timeframe when dragging the EA on this chart. Trades are opened at any point of the chart and closed automatically when you set a fixation size (Fixed profit) in the deposit currency. If you do not set fixation size in the deposit currency, trades are closed manually by clicking the STOP label (upper right corner) where the period of license validity is specified. When the label turns red, click it again (double click). After this the label turns green and all orders start closing. After all orders are closed the label turns blue and the EA stops trading. To restart trading click blue STOP label. It is recommended to forcibly close trades when key and historical levels based on local highs and lows are reached. It is advisable to use the EA on VPS, as trading is performed 24 hours per day. If you do not have VPS, do not disable the EA even for weekends in order not to reset internal information.


  • Symbols=EURUSD,GBPUSD,EURJPY,AUDUSD and ... (select currency pair)
  • Lot size=0.01 (up to $1000 by default)
  • Step leves=25 (for current volatility by default).
  • Stop Loss=25 (for current volatility by default).
  • Take Profit=0 (by default).
  • Fixed profit= a sum in dollars desired to fix profit. We recommend to forcibly close orders when key and historical levels based on local highs and lows are reached.
  • Slippage=2 (by default).

About the Author:

Professional trader with over 6 year experience of trading on investment markets, awardee of GOLD of 999,99 rate III season, author of the SRS-strateg trading strategy, the FOREX TREND EA and the FOREX HACKER 1.0 trading robot. For the time being teaches newcomers to trade on FOREX.

For customers:

For any questions please send the author a private message.

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