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The ChannelTrend indicator is a trading system, which allows to analyze the market from various aspects of a technical analysis. The first aspect is a price channel, which is built in an automatic mode and enables a trader to see the main direction of price movement. It also enables to analyze the market using a channel strategy (breakout and bounce off channel lines).

Block 2 represents SAR system that gives general information about micro-movements in the market and serves as a confirmation signal for arrows.

Block 3 is the main block which displays arrows, which you must use to enter and exit trades. These signals are good because they do not react to small movements but indicate a major and prolonged trend.

It is very easy to enter trades basing on this indicator. When an up arrow appears and yellow circles occur below the price line, then we enter a bullish trade. When a down arrow appears and purple circles occur, then we enter a bearish trade.


  • LineWidth — width of the price channel line
  • MidLineWidth — width of the price channel middle line
  • LineColor — color of price channel lines
  • Steps — step for Parabolic SAR
  • Maximum — maximum for Parabolic SAR
  • SoundOn — sound alert

This indicator does not redraw. If there is an arrow in a certain place, it stays at this place.

komolpav 2017.09.25 20:45 

Good signals!

Version 4.15 2017.06.01
Modified the algorithm for displaying the entry arrows. Now the market entry points appear earlier.
Version 1.3 2015.12.08
Added email notifications of new entry signals and a new parameter EmailAlert (true or false) to enable or disable notifications.
Version 1.2 2015.05.19
Добавлен новый параметр - period, который отвечает за период формирования стрелочек на графике.