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Pin Bar Scanner

The Pin Bar Scanner indicator scans symbols listed in the Market Watch or all symbols available on the MT4 Terminal.

The indicator produces two categories of alerts, a Forming type alert for pin bars being formed, and a Formed type alert for pin bars completely formed on a closed bar. A dashboard also displays a list of both categories of symbols that meet the criteria specified.

Indicator Settings

A. Main Settings

  • Wick Percentage: Percentage threshold for the bars wick (tail). This is the percentage of the upper or lower wicks (tail) to the full bar length.
  • Market Watch Only: Set true to only process symbols listed in the Market Watch window, false will process all symbols available in the MT4 Terminal.
  • Warning Minutes: To avoid incessant alerts for pin bars just developing, user can specify minutes before the close of a bar that a warning alert is dispatched for potential pin bars.

B. Display Settings

  • Font Size: Size of fonts displayed on the dashboard.
  • Dashboard Background: In cases where the chart background might have a color matching the contents of the dashboard, setting the Dashboard Background to true comes in handy. Setting it to false makes it transparent.
  • Background Color: Color of dashboard background.

C. Alert Settings

  • Popup Alert: Set true to allow pop-up window and sound alert on indications. Set false to disable.
  • Email Notification: Set true to receive email notifications on indications. Set false to disable.
  • Push Notification: Set true to receive push notifications on your Apple or Android devices on indications. Set false to disable.

If the default location of the dashboard is inconvenient, it can be moved to a convenient location on the chart. This can be done by selecting the header Pin Bar Scanner and dragging it to the preferred location. Drop it, and the contents will follow suit.

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Version 1.10 2015.07.22
Fixing Terminal Freezing Issue
Indicator responding faster than before