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Gold Hunter Z



Gold Hunter Z is created for XAUUSD.  Entry is based on authentic trend following strategy. There are a lot of filters and order management options that allow user to customise the program for their own trade style. EA has been backtested to reflect trade performance. Please read attached reports. Please try 1 month to understand the performance of the EA before you start live trading. You are welcome to join our telegram channel where we will share daily XAUUSD market information.  https://t.me/+4aVIlWFmYeBjMjM1 

For BACKTEST, please use Tick Data Suite, set 'Conservative Filters' to 'FALSE' and other options to 'TRUE'.

For LIVE TRADING, it is necessary to avoid trading during uncertain market. We will explain to user in detail after purchase. 

Gold Hunter Z - Version 7.0 (released on 2/2/2022)

We made significant upgrade to in version 7. 

New function:

1) Added user define Support and resistant level

2) Added advance Breakout and Outlier option. Now, Breakout trade is possible when trend is strong. Please aware that breakout trade will increase trade risk!

3) Protect one layer of profit when price retrace. 

4) Improve information displayed on the screen.

** Please contact seller after you purchase this EA. Seller will share setting and the best way to use this EA. 

Version 6.4 <updated on 2022.12.25

1) Added 2023 Non-Farm, Fed Int Rate and Holiday data.

2) Added TWO more time setting for more flexibility. (Total 5 sessions)

3) Cancelled the following filters which are less useful:

    a) Moderate trend filter 3

    b) Narrow range_1

Version 6.3.1 <updated on 2022.10.21>

New features:

1) Core Trend 3 - Additional core trend filter. (For conservative traders)

   a) Limit Entry near yesterday's high and low. (Default: 200 points)

   b) Daily Range Filter: avoid auto-trading when daily range is narrow. (Default: $3)

Upgraded feature:

1) Narrow Range_2 - enhanced further the power to handle narrow market range. <Important> 


1) Smarter TP: Still under testing. Please check with seller for instruction.

2) Different setting leads to different result. Please see attached screenshot for reference.

3) For backtest, please use Tick Data Suite for 99% data reliability. Use M1 Chart and variable spread and follow setting in attached screen shot. 

4) EA performs better under VPS. If you want to save VPS cost, please contact seller for instruction of how to set up free VPS at Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Service.    

* * * 


Gold Hunter Z is tailor-made for XAUUSD day trade/scalping.

  1. The core of Gold Hunter Z is a trend following strategy. 
  2. Entry is based on combination of unique data,  experiences, years of market observation, statistical analysis, and continuous improvement after hundreds of backtests and forward tests.
  3. EA setting is flexible. Based on your trade style, you can turn on the filters you think fit your own trade style, adjust trade parameters, set your take profit targets and daily targets, and even use the Martingale function to enhance your trade performance.
  4. This EA is created for auto-trading in mind. Nonetheless, you can enhance performance if you can spend some time to read the charts and take appropriate action when needed. For further instruction instruction, please contact seller after you purchased the EA.


    1) Timeframe: M1 

    2) Account Size/Lot Size: US$1000/0.02 Lot (recommended)

    3) Take Profit: 100 points (recommended)

    4) Stop Loss: If 'fixed' is selected, enter a maximum drawdown amount ($). If 'ratio' is chosen, please enter percentage (%) of account equity to trigger stop loss.

    6) Martingale: Flexible and adjustable. Expert will adjust TP position when Martingale orders are placed.

    7) Trade Sessions: You can define up to 3 trade sessions. 24-hour non-stop trading is not recommended. 


    1) Trade Mode: select "manual"

    2) User enter trade manually and let the program handle as auto-trading.

    3) Please test well before using manual mode in live trading. 


    1) You can select what information to display on the screen.

    2) There are five on-screen buttons which can disable buy or sell function, close buy or sell orders or close All orders by 1-simple click.

    3) US non-farm data announcement, US Fed interest rate decision, and US holiday - You can disabling trade function in the setting menu. 

    Bewertungen 3
    superichfx 2023.01.20 08:07 

    one of the best ea i ever found!!!

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    Marzena Maria Szmit
    5 (14)
    We proudly present our cutting-edge robot, the  Big Forex Players EA  designed to maximize your trading potential, minimize emotional trading, and make smarter decisions powered by cutting-edge technology. The whole system in this EA took us many months to build, and then we spent a lot of time testing it. Only after all that work did we decide to add it to our list of products. We will not create additional EAs, instead, we are going to dedicate our time to the expansion of this EA, guided by c
    999 USD
    Dark Algo
    Venus Labs S.R.L.
    4.82 (44)
    Last copy at 399$ -> next price 499$ Dark AI is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Scalping Trading on Eurusd . This Expert Advisor is based on the latest generation of algorithm and is highly customizable to suit your trading needs.  If you   Buy this Expert   Advisor you can   write a feedback   at market and   get   a second EA for   Free , for More info contact me The basic strategy of this EA is built on a sophisticated algorithm  that allows it to identify and follow market trends . Thi
    399 USD
    Nesco MT4
    Gennady Sergienko
    5 (4)
    Hallo, ich bin   NESCO   / - Ich bin Experte für vollautomatische Roboter und analysiere selbstständig den Markt und treffe Handelsentscheidungen. Einige meiner Funktionen sind mit   GPT-4_COPILOT   geschrieben und vom   MQL5_CLOUD_NETWORK   optimiert. Ich habe meinen eigenen Server, um Finanzereignisse in der Welt zu übertragen. Ich kann rund um die Uhr ohne Ihr Eingreifen für Sie arbeiten und Sie mit einer Nachricht am Telefon benachrichtigen, wenn Ihre Aufmerksamkeit erforderlich ist. Me
    999 USD
    XAUUSD scalper M1
    Andrey Kozak
    3.06 (17)
    XAUUSD Scalper M1 - Roboter-Scalper für Gold. Dieser Roboter verwendet keine riskanten Handelsmethoden wie Martingale, Grid, Hedging usw. Der Roboter analysiert den Markt mit mathematischen Modellen der linearen und dynamischen Analyse. Für seine Arbeit verwendet der Roboter Daten aus Marktmodellen, Standard-Trendindikatoren, Kanalindikatoren und Oszillatoren. Basierend auf den gesammelten Daten bestimmt der Roboter die aktuelle Preisbewegung, wahrscheinliche Wendepunkte und die Marktdynamik. W
    180 USD
    Daytrade Pro Algo
    Profalgo Limited
    5 (3)
    Aktion starten: Begrenzte Anzahl von Exemplaren zum Tagespreis erhältlich Endpreis: 990 $ NEU: Erhalte 1 EA gratis!   (für 2 Handelskonten) Ultimate Combo Deal   ->   click here LIVE RESULTS:   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1949810 JOIN PUBLIC GROUP:   Click here Prop Firm Set Willkommen bei DayTrade Pro Algo!   Nachdem ich jahrelang die Märkte studiert und verschiedene Strategien programmiert habe, habe ich einen Algorithmus gefunden, der alles hat, was ein gutes Handelssystem braucht: E
    349 USD
    First Brick MT4
    Hoang Danh Duc
    5 (1)
    First Brick (dm me to get setfile) - DCA EA - Many options from safe to high risk high return - Use D1 to confirm buy and sell zone - DCA with M15/H1 - Hold profit for combo - Lower risk than other strategies, but higher profit than all of them - open around 4-5 times in a year for a pair -> use 8-10 pairs that will open 3-5 times for a month - can be make x500 after a year with risk ratio if the markets is not too strong (ratio 0.05/1000$) dm me to get setfile and recommend all pairs to run tel
    1 499 USD
    Quantum Gold Emperor MT4
    Bogdan Ion Puscasu
    5 (3)
    Wir stellen vor       Quantum Gold Emperor EA   , der bahnbrechende MQL5-Expertenberater, der die Art und Weise, wie Sie mit dem prestigeträchtigen Paar XAUUSD (GOLD) handeln, verändert! Entwickelt von einem Team erfahrener Händler mit über 13 Jahren Handelserfahrung. WICHTIG! Bitte senden Sie mir nach dem Kauf eine private Nachricht, um die Installationsanleitung und die Einrichtungsanleitung zu erhalten. ***Kaufen Sie Quantum Gold Emperor EA und Sie könnten Quantum Trade EA kostenlos erhalte
    799.99 USD
    Der Market Reversal Alerts EA basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Indikator (hier verfügbar) und handelt auf der Grundlage von Marktstrukturverschiebungen. Der EA nimmt standardmäßig jedes Mal einen Trade an, wenn eine Marktumkehrwarnung vom Indikator gesendet wird, und handelt diese Warnungen basierend auf den Bedingungen und Filtern, die Sie in den EA-Einstellungen festgelegt haben. Es zeichnet Unterstützungsrechtecke, wenn sich der Preis in seine aktuelle Trendrichtung bewegt, und handelt, w
    99 USD
    HFT Challenge Passing
    Benbyaanda Silvere Henri Sedric Kabore
    5 (3)
    HFT Challenge Passing ist ein vollautomatischer High Frequency Scalping-Roboter, der speziell entwickelt wurde, um Ihnen zu helfen, Ihre Prop-Firma (proprietäre Handelsfirma) Herausforderungen und Bewertungen zu bestehen. Sie können in der Beschreibung den Beweis sehen, dass HFT Challenge Passing die Social Trading Club Herausforderung bestanden hat. Sie können auch sehen, wie sich der Roboter mit diesem Signal verhält. HFT Challenge Passing :   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2131865 Dies ist d
    120 USD
    Evening Scalper Pro
    Valeriia Mishchenko
    4.56 (16)
    EA has live track records with low drawdown: Live signal - Best Pairs Live signal - All Pairs Evening Scalper Pro is the state-of-the-art mean-reversion trading system that operates during the American trading session. It's very different from most other scalping systems, since it uses a unique trading logic on cross pairs that have a strong mean-reverting tendency with high profit targets. EA enters the market with market orders from 19 to 23h, it does not open trades during rollover (0:00-1
    2 400 USD
    Diamond Scalping MT4
    Lo Thi Mai Loan
    5 (4)
    Nur noch 24 Stunden, bis die nächste Preissteigerung erfolgt!  Der nächste Preis ist: $299, $499, der Endpreis ist $999. Live Performance 1 (EURUSD): Die MT5-Version ist hier zu finden: Bei Kauf dieses EA erhalten Sie einen kostenlosen HFT-Tagespass für die Prop-Firmen. Für weitere Details senden Sie bitte eine Nachricht an den unten stehenden Chat-Kanal. Treten Sie den Kanälen bei, um Benachrichtigungen und die neuesten Updates zu erhalten: https://www.mql5.com/de/channels/diamondscalpin
    295 USD
    Undefeated Triangle MT4
    Nauris Zukas
    4.69 (13)
    Beschreibung. Dieses Produkt ist im Rahmen eines Projekts „ PULSE_OF_MARKET “ entstanden. EA „Undefeated Triangle“ ist ein fortschrittliches System, das einzigartige Schwankungen zwischen AUD-, CAD- und NZD-Währungen ausnutzt. Historische Ergebnisse zeigen, dass diese in der Komposition verwendeten Paare nach einer schnellen Bewegung in eine Richtung immer das zuerst bewegte Paar zurückgeben. Diese Beobachtung kann es ermöglichen, ein Gitter-Martingal-System einzubeziehen, das in diesen einziga
    659 USD
    Promex MT4
    Evgeniia Terekhova
    Promex ist ein einzigartiger Berater, der bei einer starken Kursabweichung vom normalen Wert handelt. Wenn Sie Trades zu einem Zeitpunkt öffnen, an dem eine Bewegung in die entgegengesetzte Richtung sehr wahrscheinlich ist, begleitet der Promex-Berater sie mit einem kurzen Trailing-Stopp, wodurch ein kleiner Gewinn vom Markt erzielt wird, aber mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 95%. Sehen Sie sich das Signal des Promex-Beraters an ( Mehr als 12% in den ersten 2 Wochen ):  https://www.mql5.com/de/
    1 279 USD
    Weitere Produkte dieses Autors
    GOLD HUNTER Z - 7.0 本程式是專為 XAUUSD 而設計的交易程式。英文版已在熱賣中。請在購買程式後聯絡賣家索取設定檔及操作重點,並加入Telegram http://t.me/HighspeedtrainFX 頻道,每日接收黃金即市交易資訊, 配合程式操作。 程式用Tick Data Suite 數據做回測,附圖是2020, 2021 及2022 年三年的回測記錄。 做 回測試時 ,請用 TICK DATA SUITE  數據,並保持「保守設定」設定為「FALSE」,其它功能全部設定為「TRUE」。 做 真倉交易 時,需要避免在市場不確定的情況下做自動交易,會在購買程式後詳細解釋。 Gold Hunter Z 有以下特點: 1)交易策略: 順勢交易。 2)入市圖表:M1 3)過濾功能:程式包含 5 個可自行設定的交易過濾功能,除了過濾趨勢和假轉勢之外,亦可提高入市的準確度,並可讓用家調整交易風險。 4)補單功能:可自定義補單層數及每張補單的手數,提高交易表現。 5)交易時段:附設5 個可自定義交易時段,選定有利時間進行交易。 6)資訊顯示:程式可選擇顯示當日開
    40 USD
    This is a MACD indicator which displays an up-arrow/down-arrow on the main chart window when MACD line cross zero and signal line.  1) The arrows on the main chart are very useful to traders because it will draw trader's attention to change of trend or momentum instantly. 2) It is definitely easier and faster than looking at the sub-window at the bottom of the screen. It is an important tool for MACD strategy. 3) User can opt for displaying the MACD cross Signal arrows which are in line with the
    30 USD
    Marcustsui226 2023.02.04 07:52 

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    kwglin 2023.01.28 10:38 

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    superichfx 2023.01.20 08:07 

    one of the best ea i ever found!!!

    Chan Wai Keung
    Antwort vom Entwickler Chan Wai Keung 2023.01.20 17:07
    Thanks a lot for your comment.
    Antwort auf eine Rezension
    Version 7.1 2023.03.08
    1) Updated Non-Farm data
    2) Enable delete SR horizontal lines on the chart when user remove EA
    3) Deleted Daily Range filter
    4) Minor bug fix
    Version 7.0 2023.02.02
    1) Added new features:
    a) Advance BO/Outlier option.
    b) Set Support and Resistance Level.
    c) Lock 1 layer of profit function.
    2) Modified setting: All checkpoints is based on points, not currency ($), $1 = 100 points. Please make sure to adjust your setting, pre-market range & daily range etc.
    3) Adjust display. You will see important setting in color. If they are disabled, they will be displayed in RED.
    4) Further improved entry filter.

    Please contact seller about setting and how to use the new features above.
    Version 6.40 2022.12.25
    Version 6.4

    1) Added 2023 Non-Farm, Fed Int Rate and Holiday data.
    2) Added TWO more time setting for more flexibility.
    3) Cancelled the following filters which are less useful
    a) Moderate trend filter 3
    b) Narrow range_1


    a) Trade Break Out - For experienced users, when market is under a strong trend, turn OFF Breakout daily high/low filter may maximize profitable trade opportunity. Additionally, it is also okay to turn off extreme outlier filter. Nonetheless, it is necessary to turn both filter ON when as soon as you notice the trend is flattening and reverse.

    b) Activate only 1 EA per broker account. Do not 2 EA in same broker account.

    c) Remember to turn OFF backtest option during live trading. It will adjust the time during the winter time when MT4 adjusts the time. For live trading, make sure to set correct time you want EA to trade. Default time is same as backtest.

    d) Trade mode should be set to AUTO for auto-trading. If you prefer manual trade, you can set it to MANUAL. Martingale and other tp/sl function will fuction under Manual mode.

    e) You can find setting details in the MQL5 page.

    f) Contact seller after you purchased the EA. He will explain you the best way to use the EA.
    Version 6.31 2022.10.21
    1) 'Core Trend Filter_3' - additional trend change filter on top of trend filter_2. More conservative.
    2) 'Narrow Range_2' - this function is enhanced further to prevent false entry when market direction is unstable.
    3) Added 'Limit Entry Near PDH/PDL' - PDH = Prior day high, PDL = Prior day low. Default distance from PDL/PDL is +/- 200
    4) Added back 'Daily Range Filter' - Trade function is disabled if volatility is less than specified limit.

    Please see backtest result.
    Version 6.3 2022.10.02
    1) Added Moderate Filters, 'Core Trend Filter_2' and 'Entry Filter_A'.
    2) Added Pre-market Filter - EA will not trade in the morning if volatility before 4:00 MT4 time exceed user-defined limit.
    3) Cancel 'Daily Range Filter'.
    4) Added 'SmarterTP' option - When there are Martingale orders, EA will close orders sooner than user-defined profit target.
    5) Added option to display important level on chart: daily open, high (Dayhi), low (daylo), prior day high (PDH) and prior day low (PDL)
    Version 6.2 2022.08.28
    1) Minor bug fix.
    2) Renamed the titles in the setting.
    3) Removed 'Fed Interest Rate Next Day - Disable Trading" in Optional Functions.
    4) Added "Disclaimer of Warranty" on initiation of EA. Need to click OK to proceed.
    Version 6.1 2022.08.02
    Added a couple of new filters to improve performance:
    1) Eliminate extreme outliers
    2) Narrow Range 1
    3) Narrow Range 2
    Now, Gold Hunter can use M1 chart. Please contact seller for details of the set up.
    Version 6.0 2022.07.14
    1) Added 'Extreme Price Filter' - to prevent EA open price near day high or day low.
    2) Please enter value 100 - 300. '300' is more conservative and safer but will lead to fewer trades.
    3) Pay attention to Stop Loss setting. You can let EA set SL per order. Nonetheless, if you have enabled 'Martingale' function, which is recommended, you need to set the Stop Loss to 0.0 points. Use only the total SL Amount or Equity Ratio to trigger Stop Loss.

    Please contact us should you have any question.
    Version 5.50 2022.07.05
    Minor bug fix
    Version 5.30 2022.06.30
    Add Auto-trading error notification on screen.
    Version 5.10 2022.06.29
    V5.10 - Minor bug fix.
    Version 5.0 2022.06.29
    V.5 - Minor Bug Fix
    Version 4.0 2022.06.28
    Minor Bug Fix