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Psylocke system is a sharp tool developed for high-frequency trading, which automatically retrieves the daily rise and fall of each target in the market, so that you can see the trend of each investment tool in the market at a glance.

Psylocke also has a unique performance in position management, it supports the first three positions to close the biggest loss or profit, so that you can see the profit and loss of the position, of course, in addition to the support of single, all flat.

In money management Psylocke synchronization for each price to beat your account fund information, security information, supported by the server to the account information, for example, the leverage ratio, strong flat rate, EA support, to buy the funds needed for the standard contract, according to the current available funds calculate the size of the contract, is to establish and to buy inventory cost, sell the inventory cost, etc. All information will render the bar. This makes it easier for you not to blindly build a warehouse in the operation, and ignore the risk. Psylocke alerts you when your risk reaches a certain level.

Psylocke also synchronizes the server's time, which allows you to know when the major foreign exchange markets will open, allowing you to determine the future. If you like high-frequency operation, you will love it.
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Version 1.251 2020.01.23
1. Add chart synchronization function
2. Increase and decrease expand
3. Increase the position switching function
4. Optimize the interface
5. Optimize execution speed
Version 1.25 2020.01.22
1. Add chart synchronization function.
2..Added index synchronization function.
3. Increase the increase function.
4. Optimize the placing speed.
5. Add the automatic function of auxiliary chart.
6. Beautify part of the interface.
Version 1.22 2020.01.17
Optimal performance is optimized
Version 1.2 2020.01.16
Optimal performance is optimized