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Sizer is a tiny tool to calculate position size based on a fixed money risk and stop loss size. The tool is designed to be minimalistic and not in your way. You can easily hide it until you need it with a single mouse click.


  • Calculates position size based on predetermined risk and stop loss (pips).
  • Shows reward to risk ratio (number of R).
  • Can easily be hidden until you need it.
  • Toggle level lines between foreground and background with a single mouse click.
  • Click Reset to set level lines to current rightmost candlestick on chart.
  • Remembers line levels even when you change timeframe or shut down the terminal.

How to use

  1. Add Sizer indicator to the chart.
  2. Click the Sizer button in the upper left corner to show the the tool.
  3. Drag the lines to the levels for entry (grey), stop (red) and target (green).
  4. Position size and reward to risk ratio are shown in the message field below the buttons.

Input parameters

  • Risk amount per trade - amount to risk per trade
  • Amount based on - money | % of equity | % of balance | % of free margin
  • Entry line - color
  • Stop line - color
  • Target line - color
  • Opacity - illusion of background transparency [0..1]


  • Click the Sizer button again to hide the tool.
  • Click the Reset button to set the lines to the current rightmost bar if they moves out of the screen.
Sergey Mylnikov
Sergey Mylnikov 2016.11.18 12:17 

на ФОРТСе работает. Очень удобно считать лот.!

Version 1.11 2016.10.20
Fixed a 'division by zero' bug when market is closed.
Version 1.10 2016.06.22
Now, you can also calculate risk money based on:

- % of account equity
- % of account balance
- % of free margin

Removed empty label in Data Window.

Fixed warning in Experts log about custom buffer not being supported.