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Leading Arrow MT4

Leading Arrow

It is a leading indicator

  • not repaint, and not lagging.

In response to many people's requests for the need for indicators that appear simple,
and just presented as arrows in the analysis of market direction.

  • This indicator is in no way using the old-fashioned method as a known in technical based on moving averages, etc.
  • Even though it's very complicated in programming but the result is just simply summarized in the form of arrows.

This is provided for traders who understand the importance of price action in a direction,
-- without wasting much time in analyzing the market,
-- which is simply summarized in the form of arrows.

Trader can use Leading Arrow in any time frame, but period H1 is highly recommended
or slightly lower for example M30.

A. How to use Leading Arrow.

The best use is when the market enters busy hours,
-- for example when the central bank announces news and economic policies,
-- speeches from parties who have influence on the market, etc.

  1. Buy
    Simply waiting for the arrows to appear as a buy sign in the last candle,
    or without having to wait in front of a computer is just wait until receiving a notification on smartphone then check the chart.
    -- Opening buy position is the moment when a new candle has just appeared. 

  2. Sell
    In general it is the same like a buy momentum as written above,
    which is only by waiting for the arrow notification to come as a sign of selling.

  3. Target, stop-profit and stop-loss
    Please use any support and resistance (SR) techniques.
    The indicator has also provided classic SR (optional)
    as an additional confirmation for your own SR Strategy.

B. Input parameters

  • Use candlestick chart - for those who prefer to use candlesticks. Default is true.
  • Display title - show title of the product. Default is true.
  • Alert: Push Notification to smartphone - for those who want to receive notifications of the arrival of an arrow through a smartphone (MT4 Apps). Default is true.
  • Alert: Send notification to email - receive arrow notifications via email. Default is false.
  • Alert: Display notification on chart - display arrow notifications on a computer screen. Default is false.
  • Arrow size - arrow size that displayed on chart. Default is 2.
  • How many bars to be checked - the number of data bars that are checked and show the arrow traces that have previously arrived. Default is 1000.
  • Show delta USA - display the results of analysis in the form of arrows in New York session. Default is true.
  • Color - color of the arrow for the New York session. Default is Blue.
  • Minimum body delta USA - The bigger the contents of the numbers will make it more valid, but the potential to get the arrow will be less. Default is 5. 
  • Show delta Europe - display the results of analysis in the form of arrows in Europe session. Default is true.
  • Color - ... Default is Blue.
  • Minimum body delta Europe - ... Default is 5. 
  • Show delta Asia- display the results of analysis in the form of arrows in Asia session. Default is true.
  • Color - ... Default is Blue.
  • Minimum body delta Europe - ... Default is 5. 
  • Show market rejection (1) (2) (3) - Capture momentum when the market rejects a direction.
  • Color - the color of the arrow in each momentum (1) (2) (3). Default is SteelBlue, Gold and Chocolate.
  • Minimum length of tail - The bigger is better but potential arrow will be less. Default is 10.
  • Tail percentage in decimal - percentage of tail length in decimal - Default is 0.7, means 70%. Bigger number is better.
  • Bars: a range to check price swing - how many bars to be checked for swing range. Default is 20.
  • Long tail for stay alone - default is 25. Bigger number is better.
  • Minimum body bar - default is 15. Bigger number is better.
  • Maximum body bar - default is 25. 
  • Show Support Resistance (Classic) - default is true. (Can't be shown in the tester)
  • SR Analyzer - default is 7. Bigger number will generate more SR levels.
  • Color for stronger SR - default is Silver.
  • Color for normal SR - default is NONE (not displayed)

chinajohn 2020.01.09 12:07 


Shanmuga Priyan
Shanmuga Priyan 2019.12.12 17:02 

This is the 2nd product I bought from this author. A2SR and Leading arrow indicators make a good combo and contribute greatly in my trading. Screenshot of first trade taken with the indicator is posted in comment section. Expect more success moving forward...

Version 2.21 2020.01.19
Fix update to display the delta method.

Description :

1. Delta method is a square shape that has three angles used by market participants in analyzing price movements in the next session, which are displayed in the form of arrows, -- as an earliest signpost can be obtained --

2. An understanding of supply (resistance) and demand (support) is still needed by traders
-- because this is the basis of price movements caused by real transactions on the global market.

3. When the down arrow analysis is generated, it is recommended to prioritize the SR level that will be touched for the first time (1st test). The arrow's position in the area and SR level should also be included in the entry decision making.
Version 2.19 2019.12.20
Minor fix for notification.
Version 2.18 2019.12.14
New feature update.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Notification of a stronger (potential) movement will occur at the next candle.
Default color on chart: Red.
Version 2.17 2019.12.08
Minor update :
-- adding sound for alert.
-- increase performance in data process.