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Strong Zone

Strong Zone

is a fully automated multi-currency trading system from STRONG LEVELS and ZONES , which does not apply risky methods such as Martingale, Grid, Lokirovaniya and others, which will certainly lead to large drawdowns and, more likely, deposit losses. All trades are controlled by StopLoss, as well as a unique hedging strategy with floating TakeProfit and StopLoss is applied, which allows you to close Profit and Loos orders in time thanks to the integrated MoneyManagement and RiskManagement systems.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TEST THIS WORK IN THE STRATEGY TEST  , since at high speeds the indicator zones will not have time to rebuild and you will get a picture with a huge number of zones that is absolutely not true


MANDATORY ADDITIONAL FILES and CONDITIONS for the expert to work properly: See the correct installation advisor Strong Zone

3) download quotes for the correct installation of the indicator ("service -> archive of quotes (choose the necessary currency pair) -> download)

Advantages and features of multicurrency Strong Zone:
TimeFrame H1
1) does not use risky methods
2) the ability to select shorter or longer trading modes depending on the indicator settings
3) immediately open 2 orders with a different lot volume, which allows to hedge the work of the expert and reach the maximum Profit due to the embedded algorithms for the ENTRY / EXIT conditions
4) a unique hedging system that was developed specifically for the algorithms of the Strong Zone operation, which allows to avoid subsidence of the main orders
5) MoneyManagement and RiskManagement automatically adjusts to the current market movement.
6) the adviser is based on one of the best and time-tested strategies.
7) the strategy is not strongly dependent on Spread and slippage, since mathematical and analytical floating forecasts are made on Profit before entering the market, which adapts to market changes, but also takes into account some past time period for exiting the market in the event of slippage or other problems with the speed of execution of the terminal
8) most of the parameters are calculated automatically, so the adjustable parameters are only basic and transparently easy to understand, but they are enough to optimize the expert at your discretion and preference

9) timely updates and optimizations

The principle of operation of Strong Zone and the test results can be viewed in the screenshots below.

The recommended number of currency units for trading:

300   - minimum

500   - is good

1000 - perfect

Recommended currency pairs are specified for each set file separately.

IF YOU ALLY WANT TO TEST AN EXPERT in the strategy tester, be sure to follow the recommendations below, which will help to understand the principle of operation, but again there will be a rather large error, because before opening the order, the Slippage function is taken into account (waiting for zone rebuilding and analysis market), which does not work in the strategy tester and can open orders that should not be and vice versa


1) before use, make sure that the currency pairs used in trading are loaded in the MT4 terminal in the Market Watch window
1) Download the indicator from the link above and move them to the indicators folder
2) in the tester of the adviser, click "expert properties" and load the necessary .set files
3) turn on the "Visualization" mode (if it is not there, drag the tester and it will appear from below) and press "Start", then press "Pause"
4) add the corresponding templates to the appeared testing schedule

5) then we press a pause, but we don’t set the speed as the indicator may not have time to redraw important areas, which will lead to "superficial results"

Big request

All questions and discussions on the work of the adviser, please send me a personal message to make it easier to understand the essence of the history of correspondence and provide the most prompt support


Before putting an expert on a real account, test a couple of days on Demo in terms of your broker
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