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Regression Standard Deviation and ZigZag trading

In this EA or robot, has designed and delivered 4 types of trading.

Based on your research, you can combine these 4 types of trading.

In addition, has just been created for trading on the 5 Digits symbols.

Before using for the transaction, this product requires optimization for any symbols (For at least six months)

Please download the full data in all time frames (F2), for each Symbol you want to deal.

If you do not do this, you will be facing with a critical error.

Therefore, the price of this robot is low


This robot manages your account by focusing on the following 4 processes:

1. Activities before doing a transaction (sell\buy)

These measures include capital management and setting new deposits when the number of positions is zero. Then forecast and find the trend and check the transaction in changing any tick price, then determine the number and volume of orders.

2. Activities to open a transaction

Activities related to managing orders place.

3. Activities after transaction to protect transactions and achieve profitability as much as possible

These activities are in two parts of the reverse trading and trailing stops, which combine several strategies and special mathematical formulas to follow the current price by the trailing stops.

4. Activities associated with exit from the market or ending transactions

The measures are related to the methods to exit the market. In the first case, the total transaction profit is reached at the optimal point, in the second, the elimination of trades that are in any case disadvantaged, such as a mismatch in forecasting or the news that changes market atmosphere. When your balance reaches a certain point,the robot eliminates these positions in small Parts (Position Close Partial) from the place of profit, not Deposit. 


SYMBOL: the 5 Digits symbols.

ACCOUNT LEVERAGE: Based on optimization

ACCOUNT MARGIN LEVEL (Stop Out)Based on optimization and Account Information

Minimum Initial Deposit : 300 USD

Take Profit: Automatically and Based on optimization

Stop Loss: Automatically and Based on optimization

LOT size: Automatically and Based on optimization

Trailing Stop: Automatically and Based on optimization

Order Close Partial: Automatically and Based on optimization

Order Close All: Automatically and Based on optimization

Chart Time Frame: All Time Frame

Fully automated trading EA/ROBOT

Manual trading: Enable

Trading Management parameters

As you see in the screenshot.

The facilities of using four trading methods and two methods of closing orders has been created in this robot.Which are activated with the "true" word.

By combining these methods and testing them, you can get the best trading method on any Symbol that has 5 digits.

Also enter the account information in the inputs tab/section and the strategy tester correctly.

How to use

You need to download full data in all time frames, for each symbol.
For each symbol you must find best inputs setting in strategy tester.
And use this settings specially on each symbol chart for auto trading.
This means is if you have 5 symbol chart, you have 5 EAs on 5 symbol charts with 5 different inputs settings.
Using 1 activation is enough for all chart. only with several different inputs setting.

To enter the best setting in strategy tester see Comments  and .

And to get the best results about inputs, you can use my other product for research.This indicator gives you visual effects.

Please see the following link.


Wishing you a great days and successful trading!

Saeid Irani

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