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The Crab

The Crab EA is a trend-based Martin strategy with default parameters for the EURUSD M15. The EA parameters can be adjusted as needed, and it is a good performance Martingale trading system.

MinCapital 1000USD,StartLots=0.01



1. Open the position needs to judge the current trend strength, the upward trend will be long, and the downward trend will be short.

2. When the trend is wrong, do not add a position.

3. Can set up multiple sets of Martinel admission.

4. multiplier, spacing, trend strength, take profit can be adjusted settings.

Parameter Description:

StartLots - starting lot

GridPips                   - Addition spacing

Trend_factor           - trend factor

TimeFrame              - Run chart cycle

TP                            - Take Profit Points

Mutiply                     - PLUS multiple

StartLimit                - Martin Group Limit

MaxOrder                 - single group maximum singular

ProtectAfterOrders - Protected Open Orders

Start_hour               - start time hour

Start_minute           - start time minute

End_hour                 - end time hour

End_minute             - end time minutes

Magic                        - Order ID

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