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Please use on 15M chart only, any Symbol.

The Golden Cross Indicator is a multi currency indicator that searches through 28 currency pairs

to identify trend and convergence, upward trending pairs with positive convergence and downward

trending pairs with negative convergence.

It was written to power the Golden Cross EA which after 12 months of successful forward trading has been

released on the market.

I am releasing the indicator for users who want a useful tool to help them with their manual trading.

The pairs are shown in a matrix with the leading currency on the left in white and the second in red at the top.

Pairs with upward trend and positive convergence are shown in Lime Green,

downward trend with negative convergence in Pink.

The best pair to trade at any given time is shown with an arrow.

The trades in the screenshot were all generated by this indicator and executed by the Golden Cross EA in my live account.

A bit hard to see on the screenshot, but the trades are all in order not edited in any way and the EA was not touched.

There is a better screenshot in the GoldenCross EA comments.

PeterSwaby 2019.07.30 04:17 

This is an excellent indicator. It is simple and easy to use but very powerful and I have made money using it.

Version 3.0 2019.07.26
Technical issue.
Version 2.0 2019.06.23
Improved display to allow for different screens.