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TS PingPong Trader

TS PingPong Trader is a simple but profitable EA.

Through the backtesting starting from 2011, it works fine with EURUSD M30 or H1 timeframe. Other currency pairs need further testing or optimization.

It checks RSI indicator for the overbought/oversold status of the currency pair. If the currency pair is oversold/overbought, it will open the long/short position accordingly.

And it supports the signal filtering by MA. You may also set the trade direction based on your own analysis.

It has options to use martingale in the EA. Although martingale looks dangerous, since we are controlling the total size of positions, the largest relative drawdown in the 8 years trading is just about 30%.

I already had a signal based on this EA: PingPongTrader EURUSD. Currently the EA is running on M30 timeframe with default parameters.

There is a Professional Version of PingPong Trader EA which has more advanced features. You may check it out here.

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Version 2.203 2019.08.24
Fixed bug about profit calculation for other account currencies.
Version 2.202 2019.08.22
Modified the names of a few input parameters which are misleading.
Version 2.200 2019.06.13
- Added a "Max Spread" parameter to check the symbol's spread before opening the position. (default value is "30")
- Added a "MA TimeFrame" parameter to customize the timeframe of the MA filter. (default value is "H4")
- Added a "Ignore RSI signal" parameter to choose direct grid trading. (default value is "false")