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Trade Finder

Trade Finder is a Non-Repaint powerful indicator, suitable for both trending and non-trending conditions.
it is a complete trading strategy that is checking multiple parameters at a same time and show the final result by a simple arrow. the strategy is based on bolinger and MAs with a special insight tool for recognizing the trending market from non-trending and act proportionally.

*Why "Trade Finder"?

*There is no need to spend hours and hours on analyzing charts, by this indicator you can be a trader with high win ratio just by one look at the chart!
*Accurate signals (more than 75%).
*Doesn't Repaint!
*Great for Novice traders with a same result as experienced traders
*Best choice as an entry trigger indicator, although can use as a complete trading strategy by itself
*Low risk entry's with a little SL
*Perfect for both scalping and swing trading based on time frames that you choose
*The strategy behind of this indicator is working on each time frame/ each pair and tested for several years
*All possible types of alerts (pop up-phone notification-email)
*Easy to use

*How To Use "Trade Finder"?

this strategy is working on each timeframe and each pair, but i recommend to use it on H4 and above and specially on Daily for more accuracy. you can simply buy/sell on the signals and set SL behind the last swing low/high. TP can be the next swing high/low, so when the signal came if it is near the TP (recent swing high/low) you must ignore that signal because it done it's TP. as another options for TP you can use the bolinger opposite band in the higher time frame, or you can use the Pivots.
"Trade Finder" is a complete system by itself but if the 75% accuracy is not enough for you, you can simply combine that with your favorite tools, or use it as an entry trigger. 

*Input Parameters

because the strategy behind this indicator is clear, so there is no need to change the setting and i decide to keep the inputs simple. the only important parameter is "TimeFrame", that you can select indicator working time frame. the other parameters is for switching on/off the different types of alerts.

this is an END for all your unsuccessful experience in trading, after years of trading i suddenly decide to disclose my secret weapon to people and i will keep this product to the public as a limited time. and yes there are loss signals also! so take care on your risk management.

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Version 1.1 2019.08.12
*a bug in the alert section fixed.