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NRP Harmonic Patterns MA Fractals Based

The indicator displays harmonic patterns on a graph without redrawing with the lowest possible delay. The basis of the search for vertices is an algorithm for calculating fractals of different lengths with the possibility of smoothing initial prices by moving averages (26 types). Since fractals do not always alternate, some patterns may look unusual. Advanced settings allow you to choose the parameters for your trading style. At the opening of the candle (bar) when a new figure is formed, an arrow of the likely direction of the price movement is fixed, which remains unchanged. The indicator recognizes the following shapes and their variations: ABCD, Gartley (Butterfly, Crab, Bat), 3Drives, 5-0, Batman, SHS, One2One, Camel, Triangles, WXY, Fibo, Vibrations. By default, only ABCD and Gartley shapes are enabled in the settings. Many additional customizable options.

Main Parameters

  • Limit bars count to analyze - limit the number of calculated bars to save PC time and resources
  • ShowUpDnArrows - enable / disable the display of arrows of the likely direction
  • ArrowUpCode - up arrow symbol code
  • ArrowDnCode - down arrow symbol code
  • Show old history patterns - enable / disable display of obsolete figures (patterns)
  • Enable alert messages, actual if history OFF - enable / disable alerts when forming / changing shapes, relevant when the history is off
  • Enable alert notification, option if messages is enabled - enable / disable sending notifications (MQ ID) when creating / changing shapes, relevant when the history is off
  • Enable alert mail, actual if alert messages is enabled - enable/disable e-mail when patterns appear/change (only when history is disabled)
  • Enable alert sounds, actual if history OFF - turn on / off the sound signal when forming / changing shapes, relevant when the history is off
  • AlertsSoundFileName - the name of the sound file for the signal
  • Period fractals MA - period of smoothing prices
  • Method fractals MA - price smoothing method
  • Used price - High - price for finding vertices (High)
  • Used price - Low - price for finding vertices (Low)
  • Left fractal bars count - the number of bars on the left to search for a fractal (the central bar is not counted)
  • Using high / low bars values ​​to vertex - use max/min values ​​to shift the vertices of the fractals
  • DrawPnts - enable/disable vertex display
  • ArrowFrUp - the code of the vertex Up symbol
  • ArrowFrDn - the code of the vertex Down symbol
  • Limit points to search patterns - the number of vertices to search for shapes

Above are only the main parameters, the description of other parameters of the indicator can be viewed here https://c.mql5.com/31/98/params.txt

Keine Bewertungen
Version 1.3 2019.10.19
E-mail alerts added
Version 1.2 2019.06.12
The fractal search algorithm has been improved.
Version 1.1 2019.06.10
Добавлено обновление внутренних массивов при принудительном обновлении графика.