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MT4 continues to be the industry standard for online forex trading, despite MT5. This program was developed for MT4. Regardless, if I get enough requests for one for MT5, I will develop one.       
expert_TotalProfitTrailer   takes the following parameters :   
          Parameters:   currencyprofittostarttrail,   currencydowntrail,   stopatcurrencyloss
          This expert monitors the total “profit n loss” of all open trades. When the  
          total profit is equal to or greater than “currencyprofittostarttrail” (can be negative)
          the expert will start trailing your profit forward, allowing for a backward move of
          “currencydowntrail” dollars (or currency units, if not dollars), which, if exceeded,
          all open trades are closed.
          For example, if “currencyprofittostarttrail” is set at -100.00 and   
          “currencydowntrail” is set at 100.00 , and your total profit goes from -50.00 to
          -100.00 to 200.00 to 120.00 to 350.00 to 300.00 to 500.00 to 380.00, then all open
          trades will be closed at a profit of 400.00, since the “currencydowntrail” will have
          been breached between 500.00 & 380.00.
          “currencyprofittostarttrail” and “currencydowntrail” must not both be negative.
          The expert will also close all open trades if your total loss reaches
          “stopatcurrencyloss” before “currencyprofittostarttrail” is reached. This will hide your stop              loss from brokers who may practice stop loss hunting. 
If you open your trades manually, don't forget to allow live (auto) trading. Although this program does not open trades, it closes them, at your required profit or beyond.    
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