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FRT PriceAction

This Expert Advisor is our latest trading system and it is designed to work with all parities and with all time frames. This EA produces important results even with medium - high spreads.

The entry logic is based on small price movements occurring in a certain time. To close trades, it uses a trailing stop and a closing function.

It works with all parities and all time frames and you can use it on accounts with a leverage starting from 1:200. It has very low drawdowns and good profit factors so you can fund your account with 100 or 1000 or 10000 USD or equivalent. It uses small price movements (DeltaPrice) related to their quantity (Movements) and to the elapsed time (Time). If you set Time to 0, this parameter is not considered.

To use this EA, no special skills in trading are necessary. You just have to activate it on the chart or on the charts you intend and nothing else. Default values are good to get positive results. You can improve them running an optimization process when you change broker or account type.

The screenshots below refer to backtesting made on GBPUSD and AUDUSD with 99.90% of modelling quality, a profit factor over 3.0 and a DD below 18%. For more details about settings and other aspects, please use this link http://www.forexrobotrade.com/?p=628

If you have any question, please leave a comment!!

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.05.10 15:57 

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Andrey Litvichenko
Andrey Litvichenko 2017.10.26 11:02 

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Juvenille Emperor Limited
Eleni Anna Branou 2017.02.14 18:55 

Good, needs improvement.

Denis Zyatkevich
Denis Zyatkevich 2017.01.28 14:35   

Expert Edvisor occasionally stop with error "Access violation read to 0x071B05E2 in 'C:\Users\...\MQL4\Experts\Market\FRT PriceAction.ex4'".

kjl 2014.06.27 08:29 

This rating is for Version 1.2: It Back tested great; however, in a live real money account it doesn't place trades. It just fills the Mt4 Experts log with a lot of nothing (see my comment).

Now forward testing v1.3 in a real money account. I'll update rating in a few weeks. Support was responsive to get new version published that fixed a bug. For the time being changing rating from 1 star to a middle 3 star rating, and will update again after forward test results are in.

Version 1.421 2014.08.14
- New entry signal without any moving average.
- Added new closing functions by time and by profit.
- Added a control function before OrderModify()in TrailingStop function.
Version 1.3 2014.07.02
New method to calculate position size for all types of currencies.