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Shepherd Super Pattern

This indicator will detect entries depend on Super pattern theory and it will give you the entry value to put limit orders on them with target and stop levels which allow you to calculate your risk percent .


  • This indicator have buffers that allow you to use in EA.
  • You should work with this product with good money management .
  • When you change Your Time frame indicator will save a template as last use.


  • Use_System_Visuals - Enable/Disable Visual theme for this Product.
  • Relate_To_Speed - Enable/Disable Detecting Pattern Only On fast Movement For Last Wave.
  • Show_Last_Candle_Counter - Enable/Disable Candle Timer.
  • Candle_Counter_Color - Color of Candle Timer text.
  • Bullish_Pattern_Color - Color of Bullish Pattern.
  • Bearish_Pattern_Color - Color of Bearish Pattern .
  • Send_Alert - Enable/Disable Alert.
  • Send_Notification - Enable/Disable Push Notification for mobile platform.
  • Send_Email - Enable/Disable Email alerts
  • Show_Targets - Enable/Disable Show targets on chart .
  • History_Bars  - Max History Bars.

xiaolin2552 2019.03.30 14:10 

Noble and lofty

sunnychow 2018.11.13 13:35 

Fantastic tool, I like it so much, Thank you very much.