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This robot uses its own built-in oscillator and other tools to measure market movements (volatility, speed, power, and direction). At an appropriate time, it places an invisible pending order on the market, which it continues to work with according to the set TradingMode.

It is recommended to use a fast broker with low fees, accurate quotes and no limitation of stop loss size.

You can use any timeframe.

  • spread protection
  • slippage protection
  • no grid
  • no martingale
  • a small SL for every trade


  • Direction - Trading direction.
  • TradingMode
    • Aggressive – Pending orders can be moved for the purpose to open trade.
    • Standart – Pending order will be canceled when the market will change the prime direction.
    • OnlyBest – Pending order will be canceled when the market changes direction or loses power.
  • Restriction
    • MultiTrading - More trades in both directions are allowed.
    • OnePlusOne – Only one trade in every direction.
    • OnlyOne - Only one trade in the market.
  • Execution Order Type - order execution type (contact your broker if necessary).
    • ORDER_FILLING_FOK - means that an order can be executed only for the specified volume.
    • ORDER_FILLING_IOC - an agreement to execute a deal at a volume maximally available in the market within the volume specified in the order.
    • ORDER_FILLING_RETURN - after a partial execution, a market or limit order with the remaining volume remains active.
  • Distance - Distance of pending orders from the price.
  • Sensitivity - Sensitivity of indicator. Higher sensitivity = fewer trades.
  • MaxSpread – maximum size of spread.
  • MaxSlippage – maximum size of slippage.
  • Lot - Size of value.
  • Risk % - Automatic volume calculation by account size and the size SL.
  • TP - Take Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • SLBE - Moves SL to the open price.
  • TrailingStart - Start trailing SL in this profit.
  • TrailingSL - Trailing SL in this distance.
  • TrailingSL_Step - Step of the trailing SL.
  • PanelYpos - The info panel position on the Y axis.
  • Magic - Unique number of the EA.
  • comment - A comment for trades.
2018.05.10 18:31   

Don't waste your money buying this EA, in real environment will burn the entire account in weeks. A complete scam, you have to do the tests in Metatrader 5 with real value Ticks, and you will see that the behavior changes drastically. Do not waste money!!!

Version 4.0 - 2018.05.08
Fixed minor bugs for some brokers.
Version 3.0 - 2018.05.04
Added setting Execution Order Type
Version 2.0 - 2018.04.10
Fixed bug